Eterlast Raised $4.5 Million in Seed Round

Eterlast, a Web 3.0 gaming company, has raised an investment of $ 4.5 million in a seed round. Participating in the tour led by Supernode Global included Play Ventures, Active Partners, Founders Factory, Stake Capital and Immutable X. The company, which has come out of privacy mode with this investment they have received, plans to launch the House of Boxing game that it has created for sports fans in the near future. Joan Roure, CEO and founder of Eterlast, said:

“We are embarked on a mission, building the bridge for the next billion fans to enter Web3. We are targeting to consolidate globally fragmented sports that tap into hundreds of millions of fans that enjoy their sport on a regular basis. We understand NFTs not as a product, but as a technology that enhances the experience of current use cases around gaming, collecting, and experiencing live events. With that view, we are building holistic ecosystems that bring those three elements together.”

It was said that joint work was carried out for this game together with the boxing promoter Queensberry Promotions. It is also supported by the Eterlast platform Immutable X. It is thought that the investment collected will be used to grow the platform’s brand partnerships and to acquire new users.

Eterlast Investors

About Eterlast

Eterlast, a London-based startup, was founded by Joan Roure. The platform aims to create better experiences for sports communities. Eterlast, which is currently partnering with well-known international organizations related to combat sports, boxing and rugby, plans to partner with more brands and different sports platforms in the coming days.


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