Arkon Energy Raises $28M to Bitcoin Mining

Arkon Energy, which uses renewable energy for Bitcoin mining, announced that it has received a $28 million investment and acquired Hydokraft AS, a renewable energy-based data centre. Shima Capital supported the $28 million investment raised under the leadership of Blue Sky Capital. We can say that with the acquisition of Hydokraft AS, the mining capacity of the company will increase greatly.  With the declines in the crypto market, it is possible to see that miners are in a very difficult situation. Arkon Energy aims to reduce its mining costs by using renewable energy. Josh Payne, CEO of Arkon Energy, said;

 “We are excited to have completed this transaction and we look forward to executing several additional growth opportunities in the near future.”

Arkon Energy
Arkon Energy

About Arkon Energy

Arkon, a Bitcoin mining company based in Austria, was founded by Josh Payne in 2019. The company, which wants to make Bitcoin mining sustainable and less costly, is focused on renewable energy. Arkon is aware of the decline in the crypto market and the rising costs of Bitcoin mining and is using 100% renewable energy to solve them. Arkon claims that it can survive market collapses with this solution model they use. The company aims to provide economic benefits to its customers along with renewable energy.


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