Flex Yang Announce New Stablecoin HOPE

ByoguzMar 22, 2023
Flex Yang Announce New Stablecoin HOPE Former Babel Finance founder and CEO Flex Yang announced the launch of the stablecoin HOPE.

Smooth Labs Raises $2M in Seed Funding

ByoguzMar 21, 2023

Blockchain infrastructure startup Smooth Labs is off to a good start, raising $2 million in…

Everything About BABB (BAX)

ByoguzMar 20, 2023

BABB (BAX) is a FinTech platform based in London, United Kingdom, founded in 2018. Everything…

Web3 Music Artist Daniel Allan Raises $1,000,000

BylectertoddMar 20, 2023

Describing his journey as wild, Daniel Allan wrote at length on his website about the…

Meta’s Decentralized Text-Based App P92

ByoguzMar 18, 2023
Meta’s Decentralized Text-Based App P92 Meta, formerly known as Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, is developing a brand-new decentralized application called P92.

Foresight Ventures Made a Strategic Investment of $2…

BylectertoddMar 18, 2023

Foresight Ventures, a famous investment company, has made a strategic investment of $2 million in…

Backed with 3 million dollars Soul Wallet…

BylectertoddMar 18, 2023
Backed with 3 million dollars Soul Wallet Announces New Goal Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency in the world with a thriving developer community, introduced the ERC-4337 standard.  One of the first people to use the new standard was Jiajun Zeng, a former product manager at Meituan, a leading provider of on-demand services in China, and ByteDance, the parent company of TikTok. His initiative, Soul Wallet, secured $3 million in seed funding to provide an online, self-custodial Ethereum wallet based on ERC-4337.

CNHC Stablecoin Received $10 million in Funding…

BylectertoddMar 18, 2023
CNHC Stablecoin Received $10 million in Funding from KuCoin Ventures KuCoin Ventures, one of the venture firms of the KuCoin crypto exchange, announced that it had provided $10 million in funding to the issuer of the CNHC stablecoin pegged to the Yuan Offshore. Circle Ventures and IDG Capital participated in the investment round.

NFT Platform Metalink Launches Mobile App

Byali009Mar 17, 2023

NFT platform Metalink launches a mobile application to create a token gated space where NFT…