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Ethereum Loan Liquidations Surge in April’s Opening Fortnight, Highest Since June 2022

April isn't even halfway through, but the volume of loans being liquidated on Ethereum lending markets has already surged to its highest monthly...

Germany’s Largest Federal Bank to Offer Crypto Custody Services in Partnership with Bitpanda

Germany's Largest Federal Bank to Offer Crypto Custody Services in Partnership with Bitpanda

Weekend Fallout: Bitcoin Dominance Surges to 3-Year High, Liquidations Eclipse 1.5 Billion Dollars

The weekend brought tumult to the realm of risk assets, leaving Bitcoin traders reeling from losses in the millions as the market's premier...

Bitcoin and Ether Prices Surge as Market Calms Amid Geopolitical Tensions; ETF Launch in Hong Kong Anticipated

Crypto News - Bitcoin's value soared above $65,000, with Ether also reclaiming the $3100 mark as market volatility subsided after Iran's attempted drone...

6 Altcoins in the Top 50 Beat and Outperform Bitcoin

6 altcoins in the top 50 outperformed Bitcoin with their successful performance.

The Market Recovers after Collapsing in the Iran-Israel Tension

The market recovers after collapsing, and the Bitcoin price has already started to rise.

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With Ethereum Price Up 8%, Rumors About ETH ETFs Also Rise

Ethereum price up, and so hopes are restored.

BlackRock and Fidelity ETFs Continue to Break Inflow Records

BlackRock and Fidelity ETFs recorded high inflows again.

The Bitcoin halving might trigger a sell-the-news reaction

Analysts suggest that Bitcoin's halving event could prompt a 'sell-the-news' reaction as short-term speculators and purchasers of BTC ETFs seek to capitalize on...

BTC Halving: Arthur Hayes Forecasts Crypto Market ‘Firesale’

"Cryptocurrencies are poised for a rollercoaster ride in the latter half of April, driven by the Bitcoin halving event and a plethora of...

Security Risks Abound: 91% of Meme Coins on Coinbase Base Platform Vulnerable

Security Risks Abound: 91% of Meme Coins on Coinbase Base Platform Vulnerable Crypto News - In the wake of the Dencun upgrade, Coinbase's...

Ether Outperforms Bitcoin, Sustaining Rally Amid Surge in Short Liquidations

The price of Ether has continued its upward trend, surpassing the $3,600 threshold.

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Jupiter Crypto Falls 13% as It Fails to Join the Market’s Bullish Surge

The price of Jupiter crypto has fallen 20% in the last week.

Bitcoin’s Halving Nears: Seven Days Left on the Clock

The projected timeline suggests that Bitcoin's fourth halving is set to occur around April 20th, where the block subsidy will decrease from 6.25...

why did crypto drop today? Key Factors Unveiledwhy

Today, the crypto market experienced a significant downturn, prompting a closer examination of the underlying factors at play.

Weekly Finance Redefined DeFi Newsletter: What Happened Last Week?

With the weekly Finance Redefined DeFi newsletter, you can keep up with all the developments you may have missed last week.

Runes Crypto experiences a surge amidst anticipation surrounding

The Bitcoin meme coin PUPS saw a significant surge of 55% within just 24 hours, coinciding with the anticipation surrounding the imminent release...

Major Token Prices Plummet in Flash Crash, Pushing Crypto Liquidations Close to 500 Million Dollars

On April 12th, between approximately 2:00 p.m. ET and 3:00 p.m. ET, cryptocurrency liquidations reached $468.2 million.

Aptos (APT) Sees Green Amidst Recent Downturn

Crypto News - After enduring a turbulent period leading to a multi-week low, Aptos (APT) is now demonstrating resilience as it embarks on...

Winklevoss Twins Invest 4.5M Dollars of BTC, Become Co-Owners of Bitcoin Soccer Club

The Winklevoss twins are backing Bitcoin podcaster Peter McCormack's vision to elevate Real Bedford FC to the English Premier League.