CDS Startups Easy Company Raises $14,2 Million in Seed Round

Easy Company Raises $14,2 Million in Seed Round

Easy Company Raises $14,2 Million in Seed Round
Easy Company Raises $14,2 Million in Seed Round

Easy Company raises 14.2 million in Seed Round to build a ‘socialcrypto wallet.

About the Easy Company’s Seed Round

Easy Company recently announced that it has received a total of $14.2 million in funding in the seed round. Participants in the funding round included Lobby Capital, Relay Ventures, 6th Man Ventures, Tapestry VC, Upside and Scribble Ventures. Additionally, there were angel investors from traditional social media and web3 groups, such as Heads of Instagram, Novi product and engineering, and former executives of Airbnb. 

Easy Company started to create a ‘social crypto wallet’ that combines interesting features such as creating profiles for users to navigate and explore the Web3 world. Easy Company, which had a successful seed round, published its product on the App Store and Google Play after completing the 30-day beta testing phase. 

Kevin Swint, Co-Founder and chief product officer at The Easy Company, said; “We want to deliver to the world a new way to engage with Web3 but also a new digital wallet. We think the digital wallet space is huge and hasn’t moved away from payments and it’s something we can grow quickly in.”

Mike Dougherty, co-founder and CEO of Easy, said; “If you look at the products and experiences in web3 they may be too technical and built by and for technical users. … We are shifting this to build a consumer product versus a tool, which leads to different design decisions.”

This platform, created by Easy Company, has a feature that users can swipe to view both their own NFTs and other users, such as Instagram stories. For this feature, which is interesting in terms of user experience, the project developers have several consultants from Instagram. 

According to a statement made by Mike Dougherty, wallet addresses in crypto wallets will be generated from personal names instead of random numbers and letters.



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