CDS Startups Cryptiony Raised €500,000

Cryptiony Raised €500,000

Cryptiony Raised €500,000 in the Pre-Seed Round
Cryptiony Raised €500,000 in the Pre-Seed Round

Cryptiony provides a crypto tax automation platform service. 

About the Cryptiony’s Pre-Seed Funding Round

Cryptiony, which serves as a tax automation platform for entrepreneurs, traders, and tax professionals, recently organized a pre-seed tour. The company announced that it has raised €500,000 in a pre-seed funding round led by ff Venture Capital. Also among the participants of the funding round was Marcin Wenus, an angel investor interested in Pointer.Capital and Web3 technologies. 

With this fund, Cryptiony aims to expand the market to the UK, the largest crypto market in the European Region. In addition to this coin expansion, the company aims to expand its team and introduce new features and blockchain integrations.

The Need of The Industry

Those who have traded in the crypto ecosystem or traders are legally obliged to inform and pay for the transactions they have performed. Both the IRS in the US and the HMRC in the UK have started to put pressure on crypto-asset holders to tax the income from cryptoasset trading, which is increasing day by day. In this case, individuals need to file their gains, losses and staking data from crypto assets. Cryptiony has emerged precisely at this point to serve people, that is, taxpayers.

Cryptiony aims to provide easy, fast and affordable service for beginners when it comes to taxes. It will also pursue a policy of ever-growing scaling to serve professional traders and accountants.

Bartosz Milczarek, Cryptiony Co-Founder and CEO, who made statements about the Pre-Seed funding round and Cryptiony, said; “If crypto ever was part of a separate universe, it isn’t now. Tax authorities are treating trading profits just like any other capital gain and taxpayers are waking up to the risks of non-compliance. It’s a big market already and, as web3 becomes mainstream, is going to get even bigger. The UK is our most important opportunity right now and the new pre-seed funding enables us to grab that opening with a pricing model that is going to be hard to ignore.”



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