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Train of the Century

Train of the Century
Train of the Century

Train of The Century is a browser-based P2E NFT card game based on the WAX blockchain.

Train of the Century Overview

Train of The Century has a concept where players control the trains on the map called Centuryverse. Players are placed in a random place on the Centuryverse map and need to build their train. During the train building process, players can include NFT cards such as NFT wagons and NFT locomotives in their train. Each of these NFT cards has features that will affect train travel.

Players should act by thinking about the future during the train creation processes. Because there are actually many strategies in the game. When embarking on a train journey, players should pay attention to the distance, the fuel consumed, and the interaction with the NPCs they interact with on the way.

Train of The Century
Train of The Century

How To Play?

Players must first connect the WAX wallet to start the game. The game is not free to play. That’s why players need to purchase the following NFTs via Atomic Hub or Nefty Blocks before starting the game;

  • One (1) Locomotive Card
  • One (1) Conductor Card with a Gear Level that matches your Locomotive card
  • At least one (1) Rail Car card
  • At least one (1) Commodity card with a type attribute that matches your Rail Car card

Once players have these cards, they start the game as Railroaders, a railway manager.

Game Content

After players start the game as Railroaders, they need to organize their own trains. Players can build their trains and go on a journey with the NFT cards mentioned above. Fuel is required to go on a journey. There are two types of fuel in the game, coal and diesel. During your journey, you will encounter NPCs who will give you quests and other game characters who will help you in these quests. The game characters and NPCs you interact with will play an important role in the course of your journey, so make your choices well.

NFT Cards

There are NFTs that you will include in your train in the game, the rarity of these NFTs and many features. Let’s start with the locomotives, which are the main power source of your train.


Locomotives are the main power source of trains. Locomotives have 5 different rarity levels, Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legend. Locomotives have some features that will affect the players’ journey process. Rarity levels affect the characteristics of locomotives and locomotives can be upgraded using Tocium token. The characteristics of the locomotives are;

  • Distance
  • Fuel Type
  • Hauling Power
  • Conductor Level
  • Speed
Locomotive NFT
Locomotive NFT


Conductors are the people who should be on every train. Conductors are also divided according to their level of rarity. The characteristics of conductors increase according to the level of rarity. Conductor characteristics are as follows;

  • Portal Pass
  • Conductor Perk(s)
    • Haul
    • Speed
    • Luck
  • Conductor Level
Conductor NFT
Conductor NFT

Rail Cars

Every train needs a wagon to transport goods. Wagons can be more than one, and the goods they carry may vary. A train can carry up to 8 cars, which are unlocked in the market tab. Wagons have 5 different types of rarity, and these types of rarity affect the characteristics of wagons. The wagon features are;

  • Rail Car Type
  • Capacity
  • Commodity Types
Rail Car
Rail Car


Commodities are NFT cards other than trains, which are divided into 13 different types. There are 3 different commodities properties. These are;

  • Commodity Type
  • Volume
  • Weight

Commodity Types

  • Pallet
  • Gas
  • Grain
  • Oversized
  • Crate
  • Ore
  • Granule
  • Building Materials
  • Liquid
  • Aggregate
  • Perishable
  • Automobile
  • Top Secret


Passengers are the passengers that players carry on their trains during rail journeys. Each passenger pays a fee for transportation. These fees may vary according to the difficulty level of the journey and the happiness level of the passenger.



Stations are the stops of trains on their journey. The stations work in a similar way to real-life railway stations. There are 400 stations in total and 6 different types of rarities. Trains pay a fee when they enter the station to drop off a passenger or goods. These fees vary according to the rarity level of the station.

Other features of the stations include staking your NFTs and issuing Tocium tokens. A player can have their station and use it as a source of passive income.

Golden Runs

It is an indispensable opportunity for railroaders to get. Players embark on a gold-run mission with this special NFT. Upon successful completion of this mission, they are rewarded with a Locomotive, Rail Car and Commodity.


Train of the Century’s in-game currency is Tocium. The initial supply of Tocium is set at 100 billion. However, the Tociums used for in-game purchases are burned. This process will continue until the Tocium token reaches a supply of 21 million. Tocium is the most basic currency used for in-game trading. Players can use WAX tokens in-game by converting them to Tocium.

Tocium Utility
Tocium Utility


Train of the Century has completed many stages on the road map since the beginning of the game. The team plans to add the following to the game in the coming periods;

  • Achievements: When players have completed certain tasks, there is an achievements tab for them to show on their profile
  • Entering Buildings: Players will be able to get inside the buildings
  • Additional Station Tools: Additional tools to give station owners an advantage
  • Commodity Rate Boost: Station Owners will be able to impact their Station’s Commodity Rates
  • Station Gifts: Creating “gift pools” for distribution to station owners


The team behind Train of the Century is Oso Interactive. The team consists of 7 people in total. When we look at the core team, we see that they became friends during the creation of the game and they are all game enthusiasts. Train of The Century has a young and dynamic team that is no stranger to blockchain-based games.



Train of The Century is a P2E NFT card game built on the WAX blockchain with many NFTs, stories and strategies. The game is not free to play. Before starting the game, players must purchase 4 NFTs by paying a certain amount. These purchased NFTs are part of the trains that form the basis of the game. Each NFT card has a different task and different features. These characteristics vary according to the rarity level of the cards. The game is generally based on transporting a train from one place to another. However, the missions and different characters you will encounter on the way add another dimension and strategy to the game.


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