CDS Startups Big Investment Coming to Keyrock

Big Investment Coming to Keyrock

Big Investment Coming to Keyrock

Ripple, one of the world’s largest crypto blockchain companies, has made a major investment in Keyrock, one of the digital asset producer companies. Fintech Ventures and Middlegame Ventures, one of the important companies in the market, participated in this funding move at the end of September. Ripple, which has been known to have an interest in Keyrock since the beginning of the Covid virus, has reached its request by leading a series B funding round.

What is Keyrock?

It offers an opportunity to buy and sell assets through crypto markets. Companies such as Keyrock are taking very important steps for expansion and mobility in the market. The company creates a digital product or buys a product that has been created on the market. Then, it sells this product to other stakeholders of the market with a low-profit margin and earns its basic income.

Interview with Kevin de Patoul

Keyrock CEO Kevin de Patoul did not share any official information about the value development of the digital asset manufacturer Keyrock. Kevin de Patoul has stated in interviews that there has been a great appreciation. The company had raised 4.3 million euros, series A financing in October 2020, prior to the series B financing round conducted by Ripple.

Kevin de Patoul Unveils Keyrock Vision

The company also provides the opportunity to create markets for its users. Kevin De Patoul explained that the most important item of their vision is to provide liquidity in the market for their users who are having problems with income and profit in the markets. Like all other companies, the company stays afloat with funding and investment. At the same time, the company also adds new brands to its structure by funding and investing. 

After the investment, the plans for Keyrock have also changed. The main headquarters of the company is located in Brussels. However, with this investment, the company plans to expand by opening offices first in London and then in Switzerland and Singapore. In addition, it is stated that the firm has applied for a license in all jurisdictions related to the crypto market.


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