Ripple Announces $250M Creator Fund

Ripple, a company based in San Francisco, announced the second group entitled to benefit from the $ 250 million development fund it calls the “Creator Fund”. The company will use this fund, which it calls the ”Creator Fund”, to support NFT projects through XRP Ledger (XRPL), a decentralized and public blockchain designed to be fast, energy-efficient, and reliable. We can say that the NFT projects that will benefit from the Creator Fund are generally projects focused on music, entertainment and today’s media. The company also announced that the applications for the third group will take place in the coming months.

Creator Fund

About NFT Projects in Ripple’s Creator Fund Group

Among the projects that Ripple will use this fund, which it calls the “Creator Fund”, are 7 projects, including 9LEVEL9, Anifie, Capital Block, Cross-Metaverse Avatars, NFT Master, SYFR Projects, and Thinking Decrypto.


The project offers users a front-row seat Metaverse experience with NFT-enabled virtual event tickets. Within the project, you can participate in live virtual concerts, be a conference listener and watch award shows.


Anifie is an NFT market, based in Japan.

Capital Block

It is an NFT platform created especially for football clubs and fans, covering sports clubs all over the world.

Cross-Metaverse Avatars

A tool that allows users to design unique NFT avatars with multiple features and colors. Thanks to this tool, you can include and use the avatars you have designed in your games or Metaverse projects.

NFT Master

NFT Master is an XRP marketplace that provides instant payments for content creators using XRP Ledger’s payment methods. The platform offers some special advantages for NFT owners. To give an example of these: the advantage of watching videos without ads or watching videos that are only accessible to subscribers in a completely free way without a subscription fee. You also get the right to vote for new upcoming content ideas.

SYFR Projects

SYFR Projects is a production company that provides opportunities such as production, publishing, and management services to artists to create better content. The company will organize more than 100 music and video deals as NFT IP deals.


ThinkingCrypto attracts the attention of us, crypto lovers, by offering access to exclusive interviews with expert crypto leaders in the field for people who own NFTs located within the platform itself. They will also be invited to private digital meetings with ThinkingCrypto host Tony Edward to discuss the future of crypto and more.

XRPL Vice President Markus Infanger shared his thoughts on the mutual fund with the following words:

“Web3 technology is changing the producer economy by putting the power back in the hands of the producer. We have seen many applications related to NFTs in the arts communities. It’s no surprise that the media and entertainment industry has seen significant growth in communicating directly with the audience and creating new content distribution channels. We look forward to continuing to support innovations on the XRP Ledger, thanks to our strategic partners and the Creator Fund.”


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