CDS Collaboration Talisman Web3 Wallet Decided to Edit the UI

Talisman Web3 Wallet Decided to Edit the UI

Talisman Web3 Wallet Decided to Edit the User Interface
Talisman Web3 Wallet Decided to Edit the User Interface

Talisman is a Web3 wallet that provides access to the Web3 world for Palkadot and Kusama. Due to the user experience and complexity of the Palkadot ecosystem, it has been found that it is not suitable for people who are just discovering the crypto or Web3 world. They received a lot of criticism because of that.

It is very important for the user experience that the wallet is simple and easy to set up. This is very important for a person who has just discovered the Crypto and Web3 world. Talisman has made some improvements for users based on these observations.

Researced Other Wallets

Talisman said that it also researched other Palkadot wallets and calculated the number of clicks required for the user to create a wallet. Stating that these clicks are sometimes between 7-100, Talisman has developed an easy interface for users by reducing their user interface to 4 clicks.


They indicate that they do these steps in the following way:

  • “Combining several screens together, e.g. the Terms of Use and creating an account screen”.
  • “Delaying specific actions that the user needs to take until after the onboarding flow e.g. confirming the seed phrase or purchasing crypto to fund their wallet.”
  • “Being careful around focusing the keyboard and making sure the user was able to start typing in any text field without clicking.”
  • “Auto completing steps without requiring the user to click or take action eg. naming an account.”

About Talisman

Talisman is a Web3 wallet that makes it easy for you to get access to Palkadot, Kusama, and applications on Ethereum thanks to the browser plugin. It currently supports Chrome, Brave, Edge, and Firefox browsers. Thanks to the Talisman Non-custodial feature, they cannot access your wallet and your money is always under your supervision. It is also Ledger and EVM compatible.


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The author is a political science and public administration student at Kocaeli University. He is also studying Management Information Systems at Anadolu University. He met Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2019. Interested in cryptocurrencies for over 2 years. In addition he provides E-commerce and social media marketing services.

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