CDS Startups GoodCrypto Closes the Preliminary Seed Round

GoodCrypto Closes the Preliminary Seed Round

GoodCrypto Closes Pre-Seed Round

Many users have turned to GoodCrypto to have a smooth experience across various platforms and get the best prospects.

What is GoodCrypto?

GoodCrypto offers a multi-exchange trading terminal and a portfolio management tool in one. Using the cross-platform software for iOS, Android, and the web, users can track and manage their portfolios on the 35 largest exchanges and 15 different blockchains.

In fact, GoodCrypto was developed as one of the most advanced trading platforms for centralized exchanges. Thus, trading activity on GoodCrypto has increased despite the market downturn. Despite being made in Ukraine, GoodCrypto has been downloaded more than 300,000 times on mobile devices and is available in 93 different countries.

Why Choose GoodCrypto?

Users prefer GoodCrypto because of its capacity to offer advanced trading tools that work reliably in all spots and similar markets. The same features are available on Binance, Coinbase Pro, Bybit and other exchanges. These features include custom order types (from Trailing Stops to Stop Loss-Take Profit combos), automated trading algorithms (grid, DCA, nfinity trailing, etc.) and order triggers based on technical indicators.

About GoodCrypto

GoodCrypto is established in Ukraine. Despite the challenges posed by the current situation, the team is more determined and motivated than ever to continue creating the best cryptocurrency trading app in existence. GoodCrypto‘s all-in-one platform will dramatically improve your trading experience, whether you’re an experienced trader looking to simplify your workflow or a novice trader looking for the best CeFi and DeFi experience.

Over the past year, various users have become interested in the application’s CeFi tools, which has led to a 4-fold increase in orders executed. Users continue to rapidly adopt GoodCrypto despite the Bear market. This enabled the team to obtain a pre-seed round from investors such as Fenbushi Capital, GSR and Cipholio Ventures. As a result, GoodCrypto is preparing to start the newest part of its journey, namely decentralized finance, with the help of its investors.

The ultimate goal is to bring GoodCrypto‘s uniform trading interface and cutting-edge trading tools to decentralized exchanges so that trading experiences are the same regardless of underlying exchange technology. GoodCrypto is currently organizing a seed round to align its goals with strategic partners who will support its ambitious roadmap to achieve this.


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