What is Imperivm?

Imperivm is a huge online role-playing game based on strategy, designed and developed on a cross-chain ecosystem by the European group, ETH, which has more than 5 years of experience in the gaming and crypto sector. Players can manage the castles that they have built with resources in the game. In addition, players will strive to earn a high amount of $IMP with other experienced players while playing Imperivm.

Game Mechanics

The mechanics of the game have been improved to support players to continue to experience the Imperivm experience and start new adventures with their friends.

Skill-based gameplay: With the points in the game, the massacres taken during the attack, the number of soldiers you lose while defending and every progress made, the game invites users to completely competitive gameplay.

Team Play: Imperivm has a structure that encourages players to play with teams or large guilds.

Tournaments & Championships: It encourages the existing player base and the new player base to play the game with the big award-winning tournaments and championships to be held around the world.

Game Description

Imperivm allows players to build their own castles and compete with other players in the kingdom. The game reminds us how important team play is at every step. Players are trying to get to a more advanced point in the game by helping teammates or allies.

On the other hand, there are new choices that you will make while playing the game. For example, you can trade with other players, attack other players’ castles or barbarian villages for more resources, or ask your friends to gift you resources.

In addition, within the kingdom, players will interact with unusual situations to earn extras. However, winning these awards is not as easy as it seems.

Game Content

Players who have lost their castles can start over with a new castle on the map for free. However, players should not forget that they have to start the whole adventure from the very beginning. The in-game mechanics can be listed as follows:

  • Buildings: The buildings in the game have vital importance. By using the right resources, you can build your army through your castle, which you have developed at 3 different levels.
  • Army: You can attack with the warriors who have their own attack and defense points in your army, you can withdraw to the defense or you can use the army in support missions.
  • Graded System: The rating in the game is divided into many subcategories. The main ratings can be listed as an overall score, attack score, defense score, and empire rating.
  • Combat System: Each player can attack whoever he wants or support his friends. However, waging war is exclusive only to empires. That is, attacks by a single player, except for regional wars, are not counted as battles. In fact, only the imperial leaders have the right to wage war or make peace. 
  • Gods: The gods play a big role during your adventure in the game. Each player begins their adventure by choosing a god or goddess. Each god/goddess helps the person to become the winner of the game with the bonuses they provide to the players. 

In-Game Prizes

While Imperivm rewards highly skilled players, it doesn’t leave the rest of the community unrewarded. Thus, players can get the main prizes thanks to certain tournaments and world championships. The in-game mechanics can be listed as follows:

  • NTF Cards: Some NFT cards can be used in the game. These cards cannot be sold or bought to prevent being strong with money. Therefore, you can earn cards from tasks in the game or exchange them with your friends in the game.
  • Ecosystem: Imperivm’s ecosystem plays a limiting role in token sales to keep token prices low to make the game more competitive and fun.

The two different options listed allow you to effectively receive and use in-game rewards.


The developer team has stated that they want to pioneer strategy games on the blockchain/crypto ecosystem with Imperivm. Thus, by acting as a bridge between the players who are interested in blockchain and the players who are not, they aim to bring a new breath to the strategy genre with blockchain technology. 



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