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Prom: Steam for Web3

Prom: Steam for Web3
Prom: Steam for Web3

Prom is a P2P NFT Marketplace & rental platform for blockchain games.

What is Prom?

You can think of the platform as the Steam of Web3. The most important feature that distinguishes Prom from Steam is that while Steam focuses on games, Prom focuses on gaming assets. The platform is an NFT platform built on a completely decentralized system, focusing on blockchain-based games. The platform offers NFT rental services and NFT Marketplace features for games.

In almost every blockchain-based game, buying NFTs is a rather complicated task. When players want to buy or sell NFT in a game, players need to register on the platform, verify the necessary information, etc. They are asked to go through many stages. Against these problems, Prom has built a secure and easy-to-use platform where players and guilds can quickly find the NFT assets they are looking for, and make asset purchases with one click. Prom meets all the needs of metaverse enthusiasts, NFT owners, guilds and games.

Prom User Journey


Prom attaches importance to user experience and usage to solve the problems in the NFT games mentioned above. On the platform, users can easily manage their assets, buy and conveniently find games that suit their tastes. The NFTs and games that will be listed on the platform undergo a deep research and analysis process.

Prom Marketplace

Marketplace is the most basic feature that made this platform what it is. Prom uses wide filters to save users time with its user-friendly structure. In addition, Prom informs players by providing extensive information about the listed games. Players can easily find games on the Prom marketplace by filtering them by genre, chain, device, status and category options.

After users have selected a game, they will find NFTs and information about the game they have selected. Users can get the NFT of their choice in a simple way. The Marketplace currently supports the following games;

  • Cryptoblades
  • MetaSoccer
  • Elpis Battle
  • Tiny World

The Marketplace is developing every day. Although it currently supports only 4 games and the assets of 4 games, it plans to add 26 different games to its platform in the future, especially Aavegotchi, Thetan Arena, Pegaxy, Axie Infinity and Magic Craft. Click here to review the games that will be coming to the platform in the near future.

Prom Marketplace Screen


Platform aims to create a completely decentralized community in the future with its user-oriented structure. For this reason, recently, platform launched Prom DAO v1, where all members have equal rights. DAO members have the right to vote and make suggestions on any changes related to the development of the platform. The vote will initially be set for 14 days. DAO members will be able to decide which game to add to the platform, which discounts or fees to apply, and which platforms to partner with. In addition, the platform is developing some tools that secure the proposals submitted by DAO members to create a fully decentralized structure. For more information about DAO v1 click here.


Prom DAO is an NFT rental and NFT Marketplace focused on blockchain-based games. The platform attracts attention with its completely community-oriented structure. Seeing the problems experienced by players in NFT purchases in an NFT game, platform offers solutions to these problems. The platform, although similar to steam, works differently from the Steam platform. Platform provides users with the opportunity to purchase NFT assets of games with one click and a minimum gas fee. The platform also shows the time-saving feature in the NFT purchasing process during the search for users’ games and NFT assets. Prom offers advanced filters to users, making it easier for users to find games and NFT assets. There are also general information guides about the games and the requirements for entering the games on the platform. Finally, platform has launched the Prom DAO in order to create a completely decentralized community.


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The author is a political science and public administration student at Kocaeli University. He is also studying Management Information Systems at Anadolu University. He met Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies for the first time in 2019. Interested in cryptocurrencies for over 2 years. In addition he provides E-commerce and social media marketing services.

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