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What Happened Crypto’s Performance Halfway Through 2024: 2024 Crypto Analysis

What Happened Crypto’s Performance Halfway Through 2024: 2024 Crypto Analysis

What Happened Crypto- Crypto Performance at Mid 2024: An In-Depth Analysis
First Half of 2024 Crypto

What Happened Crypto– The first six months of 2024 have been tumultuous for the crypto industry. Looking ahead, the potential for a Federal Reserve rate cut and the US presidential election could significantly influence the crypto markets. Moreover, regulatory developments and potential SEC lawsuits are also on the horizon.

Crypto Market Insights:

  • $3.2 billion: Venture capital invested in Q2.
  • 238,000: Initial jobless claims last week.
  • 1.86 million: Continuing jobless claims.
  • 75%: Odds of President Joe Biden dropping out of the race on Polymarket.
  • Initial jobless claims came in higher than expected, indicating a weaker labor market.

Economic indicators are mixed, but we break them down for you.

Crypto Markets Overview

As we reach the halfway mark of 2024, the crypto markets are experiencing a dynamic phase filled with both challenges and opportunities. Notably, initial jobless claims have surpassed analyst expectations, indicating that the labor market may not be as robust as the FED would prefer. This soft data may seem discouraging, but a deeper look into the latest economic indicators offers a broader perspective.

First Half of 2024: Latest Trends for Crypto

The first six months of 2024 have been nothing short of a rollercoaster for the crypto industry. With new tailwinds and hurdles emerging, the next half of the year promises to be just as eventful. Key catalysts on the horizon include a potential FED rate cut and the upcoming US presidential election. These events are expected to significantly impact the crypto markets.

In addition, the crypto industry is closely watching potential regulatory developments and SEC lawsuits, which could either hinder or propel market dynamics. The evolving regulatory landscape will play a crucial role in shaping the future of digital assets.

Bitcoin and Ethereum Performance

Bitcoin: Up 36% year-to-date, despite a dip from its mid-March all-time high of over $73,000.

Ethereum: Up 40% since the start of 2024, even after a 10% drop in June.

Despite market volatility, Bitcoin has shown resilience. Since the beginning of the year, Bitcoin’s price has surged by 36%, even though it has receded from its all-time high of over $73,000 reached in mid-March. Similarly, Ethereum has experienced a 40% increase from the start of 2024, despite a 10% price setback in June.These performance metrics underscore the enduring strength and appeal of these leading cryptocurrencies, even amid fluctuations.

ETFs and Crypto Market Inflows

US spot Bitcoin ETFs: $14.5 billion in net inflows since January.

Spot Solana ETFs: New filings by VanEck and 21Shares, highlighting growing interest.

The introduction of US spot Bitcoin ETFs has been a game-changer, attracting $14.5 billion in net inflows since their launch in January. This influx of capital demonstrates a growing investor appetite for traditional investment vehicles tied to digital assets. Moreover, ether-based ETFs are anticipated to debut soon, likely bringing more investors into the crypto space.

Last week also saw new filings for spot Solana ETFs by VanEck and 21Shares, indicating a broadening interest in a variety of crypto assets. VanEck’s crypto research head highlighted on X that their strategy is essentially a bet on a potential pro-crypto candidate, Donald Trump, winning the presidency.

TradFi and Crypto Convergence

TradFi service providers are increasingly interested in crypto assets and ETFs.

Potential M&A activity: Robinhood’s acquisition of Bitstamp signals more bridge transactions.

The interest from traditional financial (TradFi) service providers in crypto assets is not just limited to ETFs. There is a growing trend of traditional firms exploring mergers and acquisitions within the crypto sector. This is exemplified by Robinhood’s acquisition of Bitstamp, which suggests more such ‘bridge transactions’ may be on the horizon.

According to Fineqia International analyst Matteo Greco, the development of two crypto assets with their own US spot ETFs (and potentially a third with Solana) reflects a significant increase in interest and adoption by TradFi service providers. This trend points to a positive outlook for the digital assets market in the mid- to long-term, with expectations of rising inflows, liquidity, and transparency.

Macroeconomic Forces at Play

Fed funds futures data suggests two rate cuts in 2024.

Historical price peaks: Crypto bull markets often see price uptrends 10-12 weeks post-halving.

Macroeconomic factors will continue to influence the crypto sector. Fed funds futures data indicates that the market is pricing in two rate cuts for 2024. Bitfinex derivatives head Jag Kooner noted that the Federal Reserve’s statements and a possible continuation of a hawkish stance are critical factors to monitor.

Additionally, historical data shows that price peaks in crypto markets often occur 12 to 18 months after a halving event, the last of which took place on April 19. According to Kooner, the price uptrend in crypto bull markets typically resumes within 10 to 12 weeks following a halving. This timeline, combined with the potential launch of US spot Ether ETFs, could act as a significant catalyst for market growth.

Regulatory Impacts On Crypto Price Moves

Crypto regulation: Post-election efforts could be pivotal.

SEC lawsuits: Recent actions against Consensys and Silvergate Bank.

Regulation remains a double-edged sword for the crypto industry. While bipartisan progress in crypto lawmaking has slowed, post-election efforts could bring pivotal changes. The SEC’s recent actions against Consensys and Silvergate Bank highlight the agency’s ongoing enforcement efforts, despite progress in greenlighting crypto funds.

Industry watchers are also keen to see who the SEC might target next. The evolving regulatory environment will continue to shape the landscape of crypto investments and operations.

Crypto Investment Trends and Crypto Market Sentiment

Venture capital: $3.2 billion invested in crypto companies in Q2, up from $2.5 billion in Q1.

Deal count: Slight decrease from 603 to 577 deals.

Investment trends in the crypto sector show robust activity. According to a report from Galaxy Digital Research, venture investors poured $3.2 billion into crypto companies during the second quarter of 2024. This marks an increase from the $2.5 billion allocated in the first quarter, even though the number of deals slightly decreased from 603 to 577.

This sustained investment highlights a strong belief in the long-term potential of digital assets, despite short-term market fluctuations.

Labor Market Indicators

Initial jobless claims: as of June 2024 238,000 last week, up from 234,000 the previous week.

Continuing jobless claims: 1.86 million, the highest since November 2021.

The latest labor market data indicates a slowdown. US initial jobless claims rose to 238,000 last week, up from 234,000 the previous week, marking the ninth consecutive week of increases. Continuing jobless claims also increased to 1.86 million, the highest figure since November 2021. This trend suggests easing labor demand as the economy slows.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell emphasized the need for additional data before committing to a rate-cutting schedule, noting the risks of acting too soon or too late. The upcoming monthly employment report is expected to show an increase of 190,000 nonfarm payrolls for June, following the addition of 272,000 jobs in May.

Market Reactions

Stock markets: S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite up 0.2%.

Crypto prices: Bitcoin and Ethereum down 3% and 2.7%, respectively, after the labor market report.

Market reactions to economic data have been mixed. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite indexes each posted gains of around 0.2% following the labor market report. However, Bitcoin and Ethereum prices slipped by 3% and 2.7%, respectively, according to Coinbase.

Conflicting Economic Data

Economic data often presents conflicting narratives. For example, ISM Services printed at 48.8, significantly lower than the expected 52.5, suggesting a slowdown in the services sector. Conversely, the S&P Global US Services PMI rose to 55.3 from 54.8, indicating robust activity. These conflicting signals make it challenging to gauge the true state of the economy.

Bitcoin Dips Below $58K for the First Time in Two Months 

Bitcoin Price Analysis

Bitcoin’s price has dropped below $58,000, marking the first time in two months that it has fallen to this level. This decline comes amidst a broader market sell-off.

  • Bitcoin Price: Fell below $58,000.

Market Trend: Reflects broader market sell-off.

Factors Influencing the Drop

Several factors are contributing to Bitcoin’s recent price decline:
  • Regulatory Concerns: Ongoing regulatory scrutiny is affecting market sentiment.
  • Market Volatility: Increased volatility across crypto markets.

Bitcoin (BTC) Market Reactions

The crypto market’s reaction to Bitcoin’s price drop has been mixed, with some investors seeing it as a buying opportunity while others are more cautious.

  • Investor Sentiment: Mixed reactions from the market.
  • Trading Volume: Increased as investors react to price movements.

SHIB Holder Nets $1.1M Profit After 3 Years

Remarkable Profit from SHIB Investment

What Happened Crypto’s Performance Halfway Through 2024: 2024 Crypto Analysis
What Happened Crypto’s Performance Halfway Through 2024: 2024 Crypto Analysis 1

A Shiba Inu (SHIB) holder has turned an initial investment of $2,625 into over $1.1 million by holding the asset for three years. This significant profit underscores the potential gains in the crypto market.

  • Initial Investment: $2,625.
  • Profit: Over $1.1 million.
  • Holding Period: Three years.

Investment Details

The SHIB holder’s strategy highlights the potential of long-term investments in the crypto space:
What Happened Crypto’s Performance Halfway Through 2024: 2024 Crypto Analysis
What Happened Crypto’s Performance Halfway Through 2024: 2024 Crypto Analysis 2
  • Purchase: 48.09 billion SHIB for 2 ETH.

Sale: Converted SHIB to 278.7 ETH.

Broader SHIB Coin Market Impact

This profitable trade comes at a time when interest in memecoins is increasing, with trading volumes rising and other memecoins like Dogecoin and Floki showing significant gains.

  • Memecoin Trading Volume: Increased by over 40% to $13 billion.
  • Other Memecoins: Dogecoin and Floki seeing double-digit weekly gains.

Diamond Hands SHIB Holder Nets $1.1M Profit After 3-Year Hold

Memecoins Key Highlights:
  • Initial Investment and Profit: A Shiba Inu (SHIB) holder turned a $2,625 investment into over $1.1 million after 3.5 years, achieving a 419-fold return.
  • Investment Details: The holder bought 48.09 billion SHIB on February 1, 2021, with 2 ETH, and sold it for 278.7 ETH.
  • Market Impact: The cumulative trading volume of memecoins rose over 40% to $13 billion on May 28.
  • Other Memecoin Performances: Dogwifhat (WIF) increased by 34%, Floki (FLOKI) by 35%, and Bonk (BONK) by 25% in the past week.
Memecoin Season Insights:
  • Despite the profits from SHIB and other memecoins like PEPE, the two largest memecoins, SHIB and DOGE, have shown slower price action.
  • Market analysts speculate a potential influx of profits from memecoins into altcoins, reminiscent of the 2021 bull run.

Important Note: This article emphasizes the high-risk nature of such investments and encourages thorough research. Navigating the crypto market amidst mixed economic indicators and regulatory uncertainties is challenging. However, the growing interest and adoption from traditional finance providers indicate a promising mid- to long-term outlook for digital assets. As always, staying informed and adaptable is key to thriving in this dynamic environment.

For the latest in crypto updates, keep tabs on Crypto Data Space.

What Happened Crypto’s Performance Halfway Through 2024: 2024 Crypto Analysis

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