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The Most Fun Version of Crypto: Untitled!

The Most Fun Version of Crypto: Untitled!

One of the standout games of the NFT world in recent times has been Untitled. With its gameplay mechanics, the content it promises to players, the art design, and the way it adapts the NFT, Untitled often makes its name. The Untitled game, created in partnership with Photon Networking and ChainSafe, adds a different dimension to the blockchain world with M2E.

What is Untitled?

The vision of the game is to enable people who plan to invest daily to participate in the GameFi world without investment limits and barriers. But it is not only a game that progresses with investment, but also a game that allows the people involved to take part in the game and play with other players. 

In addition, Photon Networking and ChainSafe aim to provide a safe working environment while also allowing users to continue their games safely. In addition to these, the company has added mechanics to the game after an extensive research study on all game moves.

Untitled’s Token is UNT

Users need a token to be able to perform their transactions in the game. The makers of the game have also released the UNT token so that users can easily access it and use it in the game at any time they want. The UNT token, which is connected to the BEP-20 system, is easily accessible. At the same time, the BNB Smart Chain, aka Binance Crypto Exchange, has been processed into the Smart Chain to make trading transactions fast. 

The total supply of the UNT token has been determined as 1,000,000,000,000 tokens. In addition, with UNT, users can get NFT characters in the game, increase chapter rewards, and strengthen their characters with in-game items. The received in-game characters offer various bonuses in order to be able to value tokens and NFTs. Thanks to these bonuses, it becomes possible to win as you play.

The Gameplay of Untitled

Untitled, one of the most entertaining games that offer a competitive 2D world to its players, recreates the NFT world from the beginning. The game system, together with the system that stores player data and preferences in the database, makes it easier for players to sabotage each other and increases the fun. Other prominent game features are:

  • Potion preferences that offer different abilities according to players’ preferences
  • The infrastructure system that rewards players who move
  • Different in-game challenges
  • Ability to add created NFTs to the game
  • A ranking system that increases competition 
  • In-game activities

In addition, there are characters in the Untitled site that can be transferred to the game and ready to play. Every player who plays the game can add the characters offered by Untitled to the game if they want, and they can use these NFTs in the game. 

What is the M2E System?

The biggest purpose of a created this game is for the players to have fun. It aims to keep people winning while adapting entertainment to the world of NFT. The algorithm system in the game rewards the players by creating a multiplier system suitable for the efforts people give to the game. Untitled is constantly updating the game with new events that are constantly coming in and increasing the reward multiplier.

The M2E system, which includes many crypto-based games, stands for ”Move2Earn“. Untitled rewards its players by using M2E. In short, M2E is a system that aims to reward the user who spends more effort in the game. The most important thing that players should not miss in Untitled is the motto “If you don’t move, you lose”.


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