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Trooperz Games
Trooperz Games

Trooperz is a collection of games based on the Art N Play system and randomly generated NFT characters on the Tezos blockchain.

Game Content

Unlike P2E games, Trooperz is based on NFT collections and the Art N Play system. The game takes place in the Cyberpunk themed city called T-City. There are 4 regions and 3201 Trooperz in total in this city. Each of the Trooperzs has unique looks and features. Trooperz NFT characters will have more than 20 features and various rarity levels.

Trooperz NFTs are at the center of the entire gaming ecosystem. Owning a trooperz NFT also makes users a Trooperz Club member. Trooperz owners can earn other collectables and rewards by sending their trooperz on various missions.


T-City is a city with a Cyberpunk theme that is plagued by injustice and corruption. There are 4 different gangs in this city and they control the lower class. These gangs are;

  • Kabu
  • Aki
  • Shibu
  • Juku
T-City Map
T-City Map


Trooperzs are NFTs that you will send to various missions in the game, each of which has a different feature. There are 6 Trooperz at the beginning and they are the main characters of the game. These are;

  • Zero
  • Jugo
  • Matsuri
  • Matsumoto
  • Jun
  • Adam

Trooperz Features

Trooperzs have different features and these features can be upgraded. Trooperz features include;

  • Hacking: It is the specialty of the Juku gang. They can control all the computers of T-City. Characters who are experts in hacking can defeat their enemies by seizing their enemies’ devices and electronic equipment.
  • Trickery: It is the specialty of the Aki gang. Trooperz are pure beings. Troopers with a high trickery trait take advantage of their naivety by manipulating their enemies.
  • Close combat: It is the specialty of the Shibu gang. Trooperz’s expertise in close combat affects their ability in street fights. Having high close combat skills in such a dangerous city gives players an advantage.
  • Firearms: It is the specialty of the Kabu gang. Being skilled in firearms determines the quality of trooperzs.
  • Energy: It is what is necessary for the actions of Trooperzs, such as training and going on duty. Trooperzes lose energy while performing these actions.
  • XP: Trooperz has levels. Players need XP to level up.
Trooperz Features
Trooperz Features

Game Modes

There are 3 different game modes for players to earn TCOINs in the T-City universe with their Trooperz. Using the training mode, players can level up trooperz and gain access to new quests. While the main reward for the training mode is XP, the training mode also unlocks new missions for users.

P2E Features

The main mode in which players can play and earn is missions. The tasks will be updated regularly. In addition, missions will be able to ask players to meet certain requirements. Although the exact content of the tasks to be performed is unknown, when each task is completed, players will be rewarded with TCOIN.

Finally, these characters need to be rested, as trooperz participating in quests and trainings consume energy. Rest mode is the resting place of these trooperz.






Trooperz is an NFT collection consisting of a total of 3201 NFTs on the Tezos blockchain. The game is set in a Cyberpunk-themed city called T-City. The rulers of this city are 4 different gangs. These gangs have certain abilities and areas of expertise. In addition, each trooperz has certain characteristics and rarity. Players can earn money by sending their trooperz to trainings and missions. Trooperz NFT owners also make players a Trooperz Club members.


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