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Elpis Battle

Elpis Battle

Elpis Battle is a turn-based P2E NFT game based on the Binance Smart Chain with strategic features.

Elpis Battle Introduction

Elpis Battle offers players a planet composed of 8 different continents.  The continents on these maps are locked. Players fight against enemies to unlock other continents. Battles take place around NFT heroes. Each NFT hero has a different task, ability, equipment and different characteristics. The whole game is based on players assembling these heroes to explore other worlds and fight against enemies. Players receive various rewards when they reach milestones during exploration.

Elpis Battle
Elpis Battle

Game Content

There are many different systems and features to make money in the game. First of all, let’s talk about the hero NFTs, which form the main theme of the game.


There are 6 different NFT heroes in total. Each hero has a unique appearance and different features. These heroes are;

  • Dwarf
  • Human
  • Elf
  • Naga
  • Orcs
  • Angel

Each hero’s body parts are separated. These parts are called wearable NFTs and affect the statistics that the hero has. These statistics determine the rarity level of the hero. Wearable NFTs are;

  • Equipment Front-chest
  • Strap/Shoulder Armor
  • Pants/Belts/Boots
  • Shield/Tattoo
  • Hat
  • Gloves

Wearable NFTs give heroes extra features and make the hero’s appearance unique. In addition, these wearable equipments can be upgraded up to a maximum of 60 levels. MEG token is required for the upgrade process. Hero NFTs receive a rarity level according to the extra advantages or disadvantages provided by these wearable NFTs. These levels of rarity are;

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Super Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary
  • Heroic

Finally, heroes are tied to a level that affects their statistics. Heroes can be upgraded up to a maximum of 10 levels. Hero levelling up requires MEG tokens and eStones gradually at each level.

Elpis Battle Hero Skills
Elpis Battle Hero Skills

Hero Skills

Heroes have a total of 5 different usable abilities. But the first 4 abilities are the default and cannot be changed. Hero’s 5th ability can be learned through the Skills book. Abilities are classified according to a rarity level. There are 4 different rarity levels in total. The higher the rarity level of hero NFTs, the higher their ability rarity level.

Abilities are used to gain superiority over enemies during battle. The use of each ability requires a mana. A hero cannot use an ability without consuming mana, but they can make a normal attack. To study the hero’s abilities click here.

Game Modes

Dungeon Mode is the most basic gameplay mode in the game. It is about the progression of players to other continents by collecting their heroes. However, in Elpis Battle, events are held depending on these game modes. Each event has different requirements. Players who complete tasks are saved in a leaderboard. The winning players receive the following as a prize;

  • Silver Ticket NFTs Book: A chance to receive Common or Rare NFTs Skill Book
  • Golden Ticket NFTs Book: A chance to receive Epic or Legendary NFTs Skill Book
  • NFT Avatar: Limited avatar only for this event
  • xEBA: Governance token
  • Lucky Draw: Along with other attractive rewards, 10 luckiest players who own a lucky draw will win 100 BUSD
  • Silver Ticket NFTs Pet: a chance to receive Standard or Common or Rare or Super Rare Pet
  • Golden Ticket NFTs Pet: a chance to receive Epic or Legendary or Heroic NFTs Pet


Gacha is a game feature where players use tickets in exchange for NFT heroes, equipment, items, pets and abilities. The tickets are divided into 4 categories: Common, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Tickets contain different prizes on gacha according to the level of rarity. In addition, Gacha is used to stake $EBA, $EBA-$BNB LP, $EBA-$BUSD. Players earn Lapis points in exchange for staking. There are 4 different ways to get tickets;

  • Tickets can be distributed through events
  • Tickets can be transferred from other people
  • Ticket can be purchased on the Marketplace
  • Ticket can be exchanged by using Lapis


Scholarship is a system in which players rent their in-game NFT assets to other users. In addition, Scholarship allows a player to experience the game without any investment. In Elpis Battle, Scholarship function works as below:

  • Step 1: Owners need to transfer their heroes to different accounts, ideally 4 heroes per account to form a full team
  • Step 2: When logging into the game, account owners will see a Root Account button in the upper-right corner. Click to the right arrow to share an account.
  • Step 3: Paste the wallet address of a scholar into the blank, input the percentage of shared profit, and click the button “Send Invitation”

Scholars determine the profit rate of the NFT asset they want to rent in advance. For example, if a scholar has set a 50% rate, the player who rents the NFT will receive 50% of the profits they made during the game process.

Scholarship Screen
Scholarship Screen


Elpis Battle, the gaming ecosystem has 2 tokens, $MEG and $EBA. The $MEG token serves as the in-game currency, while the $EBA token is the governance token. The maximum supply of $EBA token is and its distribution is as follows;

  • Team & Advisor: 25% – 6 months clif Linear vesting in 24 months.
  • Foundation: 12% – 6 months cliff. Linear vesting in 24 months.
  • Game Incentives/Staking Reward: 37%
  • Marketing: 4% – Unlock 5% at TGE. Quarterly unlock in 36 months.
  • Operation Reserve: 10% – 12 months cliff. Linear vesting in 36 months.
  • Liquidity: 2%
  • Seed Sale: 2% – Linear vesting in 18 months.
  • Private Sale: 7% – Linear vesting in 12 months.
  • Public Sale: 1% – Unlock 40% at TGE, 30% vesting each month for 2 months.


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The core team of Elpis Battle consists of 27 people. The team has experience about blockchain games. The core team is headed by Quang Nguyen and Thang Nguyen.


Elpis Battle is a turn-based P2E NFT game based on the Binance Smart Chain, which stands out with its strategic features. Elpis Battle has a different universe in terms of its story. Players choose one of 6 different NFT heroes and explore a new universe divided into continents. The game is generally based on players creating teams of NFT heroes and exploring other continents. In the process, players receive various rewards and upgrade their hero NFTs. Hero NFTs have unique looks. Wearable NFTs give heroes different stats, making them unique. There are rarity levels of these hero NFTs and other wearable NFTs. The level of rarity affects the characteristics of heroes.


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