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Taunt Battleworld

Taunt Battleworld
Taunt Battleworld

Taunt Battleworld is a P2E NFT game built on the Polygon blockchain by former Amazon, EA, and Unity employees.

Introduction to Taunt Battleworld 

Taunt Battleworld takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The old gods have turned the world into their personal playground. Thus, Battleworld occurred. The best warriors in the universe have been summoned to a never-ending battle. To become the Battleworld champion, players fight NFTs called Acolyte Warriors. In the game, warriors are identified and placed in an arena. Players cannot directly control the warriors, but they can determine their battle strategy.

Taunt Battleworld is currently in the Alpha phase and is getting ready to launch. The game is being developed with the Unity game engine and is initially planned to be playable on PC/MAC and later on mobile devices. The Taunt Battleworld ecosystem adopts three different gameplay and earning models. These are:

  • Play-to-Earn 
  • Watch-to-Earn 
  • Predict-to-Earn
Taunt Battleworld Game Models
Taunt Battleworld Game Models

Game Content

In Taunt Battleworld, players start out as Contenders. Players first need an NFT fighter to start the game. Players are given a free warrior NFT called Outsiders when they first enter the game. These fighters can enter designated tournaments but are not sellable assets. The game has five tournaments corresponding to 5 races and three different types of NFTs. 

The game will start with 25,000 Acolytes NFTs at the beginning. These NFTs will be divided equally among five different races. The races in the Taunt Battleworld universe are:

  • White Hairs
  • Scales
  • Squids
  • Undeath
  • Humans
Taunt Battleworld Races
Taunt Battleworld Races

Warrior NFT’s

There are three different types of NFTs in the game. Acolyte Warriors are NFT assets that can be created before starting the game. The Acolyte Warriors NFTs are to be created depending on a color attribute. Color attributes determine the rarity of the Acolyte NFT. Another attribute that affects the rarity of Acolyte NFTs is their background color. Here are the rarity levels of Acolyte NFTs and the background colors corresponding to their rarity levels:

  • Common: Gray
  • Rare: Blue
  • Epic: Red
  • Legendary: Taunt Gold
  • Mythic: Taunt Purple

Another warrior NFT other than Acolyte Warriors is Renegade warriors. Renegade warriors are not included in the 25,000 special NFTs. However, they are tradable assets. Renegade Warriors NFTs are only available through airdrops.


Archetypes represent the fighting style that each warrior NFT has. NFTs come with Archetypes at initial creation. These cannot be changed. However, Taunt Battleworld plans to introduce a system where players can change the archetypes of NFTs in the future. There are five archetypes: 

  • Puncher: Punchers are focused on punching-based attacks. They have access to a wider range of punching moves than other fighters, such as side and heavy punches.
  • Kicker: Kickers are focused on kicking-based attacks. They have access to a wider range of kicking moves than other fighters, such as double kicks and flip kicks.
  • Defender: Defenders are focused on protection and defense, with special moves focusing on heavy attacks with knockback effects.
  • Agile: Agiles are focused on maneuvering around the arena, with special moves focusing on mobility and dashes.
  • Wrestler: Wrestlers are focused on grappling and throwing opponents.


The token of the Taunt Battleworld game will be the $TAUNT token. No information about the $TAUNT token supply and distribution has been published yet. However, you can examine the use of the $TAUNT token from the image below.

Taunt Token Utility
Taunt Token Utility


Taunt Battleworld Roadmap
Taunt Battleworld Roadmap


Taunt Battleworld Team
Taunt Battleworld Team


Taunt Battleworld is a P2E NFT game built on the Polygon blockchain with an engaging storyline. The game is about a world that the old gods have created for themselves. This new world is called Battleworld, and it’s made up entirely of warriors who want to please the gods.

Each of these warriors is an NFT with a race and rarity. Players cannot interact one-on-one with these warrior NFTs, but they can strategize and train them in battles. Warriors are divided into three different types and five different races. Each player needs one warrior NFT to participate in tournaments. Warrior NFTs can be mintable or obtained through airdrops. Each warrior NFT comes with a unique fighting style.


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