Manage Your Land with Novopangea!

Players can own NFT land in the play-to-earn online blockchain strategy game Novopangea. They gain NOVO and OBSD tokens on the WAX network. In the game, users can micromanage NFT workers and own structures on a plot of land. The PC platform is where you may play the game.

A Story Awaiting Writing and Six Realms

Imagine a world where six different realmsLight, Water, Time, Earth, Space, and Shadow – coexist. In this world, your mission is to be the hero of your own story. Whether there is war or peace between realms is entirely in your hands. In this way, Novopangea is unlike any other game on WAX because the story development depends heavily on your decisions.

Throughout the game, you can acquire land, buildings, mines, and skilled workers to build your economy. This allows you to gain resources and economic growth and become the master of your own economy in Novopangea. On the other hand, who you make friends with and who you make enemies with throughout the game is very important. As you form your alliances, you become part of a real multiplayer community experience.

How to Play Novopangea?

There are six distinct realms on Novopangea: earth, light, space, shadow, time, and water. The world where the players start the game it will serve as their permanent home. Players can choose how they wish to approach and play the game in a variety of ways. However, players must first add a worker NFT, a building, or a piece of land to the game.

You can choose to own land or building while playing the game. Landowners can start the game by constructing a building or by renting their land to a player who has a building. Building owners start the game by constructing a building on their own or someone else’s land. However, you should not forget that if you are going to rent a building from another player, you must determine a joint rental fee with that player. Rental fees are paid in OBSD tokens.

On the other hand, contractors have workers that building owners can hire. However, workers work on a shift system. This means that you need to let them eat and rest before sending a worker on another assignment.

What Are Novo and OBSD?

You can acquire the in-game utility token Obsidian (OBSD) by leasing land, working in construction and mining operations, and selling resources. The marketplace uses it for in-game purchases.

On the other hand, The NOVO coin serves as the governance token that permits player voting. Additionally, it can use to stake, unlock items and power-ups, and create NFTs.


You can see the roadmap that the successful team aims for in the world they have created in the image above.


The team’s mission is to connect the world through stories, and they have accomplished this by creating Novopangea.


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