Explore Space with SpaceCraftX!

The space NFT game SpaceCraftX has an enormous economic structure, an engaging storyline, and the option to exchange game tokens into cryptocurrencies. In the SpaceCraftX video game built on the Wax blockchain, you can collect various space resources, develop your own mining facilities and take on the role of a real space builder.

Inception of SpaceCraftX

Humanity is now suffering from a lack of resources, having squandered them for a decade. Turning to alternative energy sources to survive, the people of Earth must muster up the courage to become space crafters.

On the other hand, space crafters embark on a long journey in search of new energy sources on planets several hundred light years away from their home planet. This mission is, of course, extremely hazardous. Therefore, only those who are brave enough can embark on it.

What are the Resources in the Game?

There are three different resources in the game. These resources are as follows:

  • Cosmic Dust: Used to buy things or repair tools. It can exchange for the SCIC token.
  • Dark Matter: Used to make new tools or to buy things. It can trade for the SCID token.
  • Waves: Used to buy energy. It can exchange for the SCIW token.

Based on this, we can say that there are three different tokens in the game.

What is Referral System?

One of the features that make SpaceCraftX stand out and is not found in many games is the referral system. This system allows you to not only succeed in the game but also spend time with your friends. When you copy the link in your profile and share it with your friends, you get 5% of their earnings. However, the percentage that this system earns you can change at any time by the development team.


As mentioned earlier, there are three different tokens in the game. The maximum supply of these tokens is as follows:

  • Cosmic Dust Token: SCIC Max Supply: 10000000000000.0000 SCIC
  • Dark Matter Token: SCID Max Supply: 1000000000.0000 SCID
  • Waves Token: SCIW Max Supply: 10000000000000.0000 SCIW

The image above shows a flowchart of token use cases at the start of the game. These three tokens are the foundation of the game, and their use cases will expand over time.


The roadmap for the game is shown in the image.




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