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Immersys is a metaverse project built on the WAX blockchain, set in a 3D virtual world with multiplayer P2E MMORPG features.

Introduction to Immersys

The game can be played on PCs running the Windows operating system. It is possible to play the game in VR, but the feature is currently disabled. The game ecosystem revolves around NFTs built on the WAX blockchain. Immersys is a virtual world and at its center is Aurora City.

Aurora City is the first city-owned by the game and is the starting point for players. Once players spawn at this point, they can enjoy the unique Metaverse experience in the Immersys universe. Immersys is currently in open beta, and new things are constantly being added to the game.

Game Content

Many actions in the game are done with the virtual tablet. The virtual tablet is the smart device that helps players conduct their business in the Immersys world and has many functions. The main functions are:

  • App Store
  • Virtual Apps (vApps)
  • Purchasable NFT vApps
  • Customizable Homescreen
  • Web Browser
  • Text Messenger

Players must first create an avatar. After creating an avatar, you will enter the Immersys universe in Aurora City, your starting point. As players explore this boundless world, they can earn NFTs through Gathering, Crafting, Combat, Questing, Purchasing, Awards, and Creator/Player Made.

Immersys NFTs

Almost everything in the game is an NFT. These in-game NFTs correspond to in-game items that your avatars can collect, craft, wear and use in the Immersys world. These NFTs can earn in different ways entirely free of charge. NFTs in the game are divided into seven different rarity levels and colors. You can check the NFT rarities and colors in the image below:

Immersys NFT Rarities
Immersys NFT Rarities


The most difficult way to access NFTs in the game is through crafting. For crafting, players must first find blueprints in the Immersys universe, then collect the materials needed for crafting and purchase energy. Energy can buy with $FATE tokens. Players can check the requirements of the NFTs they want to craft on the craft page.

Immersys Crafting Page
Immersys Crafting Page


In the game, you must strengthen your avatar for the enemies you will face, as well as production, collection, and exploration. Each character in the game has a battle level without equipment. The character’s battle level is determined by:

  • Weapon Mastery: It represents three different types of weapon mastery that players can develop, namely Range, Melee, and Magic. Weapon Mastery affects the accuracy of players’ attacks against their opponents. At the same time, the weapons that players can equip have a weapon mastery requirement. The higher the weapon mastery, the more powerful weapons can be equipped.
  • Armor Mastery: Armor mastery is the factor that affects the rate at which your character can avoid attacks. Armor Mastery also determines which type of NFT you can and cannot equip on your character.
  • Combat Strength: It is determined by three different weapon types: Range, Melee, and Magic. Combat power shows how much damage your character deals to enemies.
  • Constitution: It affects your character’s hit points. Each character depends on a level. The higher the Constitution value, the higher your character’s hit points. 

A character’s combat level is initially determined by the four attributes listed above. Equipment such as weapons and armor can be equipped to increase the character’s combat level. Each weapon has a different attack stat, defense stat, and attack style. Likewise, each armor has an attack stat, defense stat, and weapon power.


Skills are individual skills that in-game characters can train and develop. The skill level is developed through XP gained from in-game activities. The skill level is also significant for players to get better equipment, new quests, and activities.

Immersys Skills&Equipments
Immersys Skills&Equipments


Immersys is the $FATE token, a token created for in-game rewards. The $FATE token was created to support player participation in the game and can only earn by playing the game. The total supply of $FATE tokens is 2,000,000,000,000, and its distribution is as follows:

Fate Token Allocation
Fate Token Allocation


Immersys Team
Immersys Team


Immersys is a Metaverse MMORPG P2E game built on the WAX blockchain. The game starts in a city called Aurora City. Players must explore the boundless universe of Immersys and participate in various in-game activities.

Participating in in-game activities and quests earns players NFTs and $FATE tokens. Players can use these NFTs to power up their avatars. Also, each NFT has a rarity level. Players must strengthen them against enemies in the Immersys universe. The game is currently only available on PCs with the Windows operating system.


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