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Modern Worlds

Modern Worlds
Modern Worlds

Modern Worlds is a P2E city-building NFT game with a variable economy, created on the WAX blockchain.

Introduction to Modern Worlds

Modern Worlds is a P2E game that aims to create a new and changing economic system on the WAX blockchain. The game has a system in the city called Rose City, where users start as the mayor. While players explore the city as the mayor, they will meet many new characters corresponding to each building. Some of these characters are characters such as counselor, historian, and police officer.  As a mayor, your only goal is to make your city better. The launch of this game, in which players will dive into a mysterious story while building a city, is coming soon. The game is currently supported only on PC/Mac.

Modern Worlds
Modern Worlds

Game Content

Since the game is a game based on building and developing cities, buildings are the heart of Modern Worlds. The buildings are also NFTs. First of all, let’s talk about how these buildings work and their features. 


Buildings are NFTs that you will use to build a city and raise your city higher in the game. These buildings are divided into levels and there will be 12 different building levels in total. These buildings can be anything, such as a police station, a shopping center, a house and a villa. In the system divided into these levels, each building has a certain profit. These profits vary according to the level of the building, and each building can be upgraded. 

The upgrade system is for increasing the profitability rates of the players. The building upgrade process has a cost and each building has an upgrade period. The cost of the normal building upgrade process can change at any time in the game. Modern Worlds provides players with an upgrade discount. That’s why the cost of upgrading varies depending on the class of buildings and in-game activities. 

The dangerous upgrade process is used for the building upgrade process without paying any fee to the players. This process depends on the initiative of the player and is dangerous. Players can lose their buildings during the free building upgrade process. The chance of free building upgrade success varies between 40% and 44% at each level. 

Multi Rank System
Multi Rank System

Dynamic Shop

The dynamic store works in a similar way to the paid building upgrade process. In the dynamic store, players are offered a package with variable content. Inside this pack, buildings and their chances of being in the pack are displayed. At the first start of the game, a package is given to the players. The contents of this package are as follows;

  • Slot 1: Building (1 Rank)
  • Slot 2: Building (4 Rank)
  • Slot 3: Building (7 Rank)

The package price also has a highly variable. When the package price decreases or increases, the contents of the package will also change.

Pack Shop
Pack Shop

Banking System

The bank system is used to grant an in-game secondary resource, Gold. Players make in-game purchases using gold. The gold used in the game is not a token, it is an NFT. Players can request Gold from the bank in exchange for staking MWM tokens. The use and purpose of Gold will be introduced.


The store is where players buy buildings and other upgrades in exchange for Gold. Only Gold is accepted as pay for purchases in the store. They can buy Tablets from the store to increase the profitability rate of buildings. There are certain levels of rarity of these tablets, which affects the profitability ratio of the building. The profitability ratio varies according to the level of rarity.

Another game item to be purchased from the store is Construction amplifiers. Acting as an in-game accelerator, construction amplifiers speed up the players’ building upgrade and construction processes. Each construction amplifiers has a rarity level and the acceleration time varies according to the rarity level. Construction amplifiers rarity levels and acceleration rates are given in the image below.

Rarity Levels
Rarity Levels

Leaderboard and Prizes

The leaderboard system is a system in which players receive a score as a result of their in-game activities and are ranked according to these scores. Players who reach the top 10 in the ranking every week are rewarded with various in-game items. Players can participate in events. One of the currently anticipated in-game events is the Burning Event. Burnin Event is based on a system where players use a free building upgrade process and receive points in exchange for the risks they take. The higher the class of building players risk, the higher the score they get. 


The in-game currency of the Modern Worlds game is MWM token. The MWM token has a deflationary structure. MWM token is given to players regularly during their time in the game. The game will initially start by giving players 30 MWM tokens per minute. MWM token has unlimited supply.




Modern Worlds is a P2E city-building game based on the WAX blockchain, which contains various NFTs. Players start the game as the mayor of a city. The mayor’s task is to make the city the best by using in-game buildings. In-game buildings are the main resource of the game. Buildings provide players with profit. The buildings have classes and each class has a different yield. Players can upgrade their buildings and increase their profitability rates in this game with a variable economy.


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