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Kryptomon: The New P2E Game


Kryptomon is a P2E project inspired by Pokemon, Tamagotchi and CryptoKitties.


Kryptomon is an NFT game that has a similar structure to the Pokemon game, combining monster fighting mechanics with the play to earn concept. In Kryptomon, located on the BNB Chain, players can create NFT monsters to participate in various adventures. 

In the this game, the players aim to train their monsters and win the fight. Every monster in the game is an NFT registered on the Binance Smart Chain. Each monster has a unique and malleable genetic code. In addition, they contain 38 different features that determine their physical appearance and combat skills. Players should pay attention and train them while raising their monsters, just like they have pets in real life. Otherwise, the players’ monsters will enter a frozen state and players will have to spend $KMON when they want to activate the monsters again.

Game Mechanics

There are some important points in the Kryptomon game that players should be careful of in order to achieve success. 


As we mentioned at the top of our article, each Kryptomon monster has its own unique, randomly generated DNA. The DNA of monsters affects many things in the game. An example of this is how quickly a monster heals on the battlefield. Genes is one of the points that players should pay attention to while playing the game. 


In this game, monsters can progress up to a maximum of 50 levels and have 38 different parameters. To increase the parameters of any monster to the highest levels, players need to spend 250 tickets, as well as spend their time.


Players will see themselves in the role of monster trainer in this game. Players will need training tickets available in loot boxes to train their NFT monsters. Each ticket allows the monster to upgrade one parameter. For this reason, monster training takes time. However, if players have the star ticket, they can instantly train their monster to reach a new level. 

Battle Modes

In Kryptomon, players make their monsters fight with rival monsters in order to earn rewards and rank up in the tournament. There are multiple modes in the game, including one-on-one fights with friends, practice fights with AI, and competitive fights against random players.


Breeding allows players to combine the characteristics of two monsters into a single egg. Mutation occurs during reproduction, so the creature’s stats may be better or worse than its parents’.

Kryptomon Marketplace

The Kryptomon Marketplace was created by the developers for players to buy and sell bred monsters and eggs. Here, players can list the products they want to sell, as well as make offers to the monsters they want to buy. In addition, the Kryptomon Marketplace also has a comprehensive filtering feature. In this way, players can find a product they want without wasting time. 

Additionally, the Kryptomon Marketplace is a place where users can buy loot boxes, join NFT lotteries with $KMON tokens. 

Kryptomon Mobile

Players who want to play Kryptomon do not need to sit in front of the computer. Players can play by downloading the game’s mobile app. 


The native token of the Kryptomon game is $KMON. $KMON is on the BNB Smart Chain and its total supply is 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion). Token allocation of $KMON that users can stake is; 

  • Pre-Seed Allocation: 50.000.000 – 0.0025$
  • Seed Allocation: 200.000.000 – 0.0033$
  • Pre-IDO Allocation: 50.000.000 – 0.005$
  • Community Allocation: 20.000.000 – 0.005$
  • IDO Allocation: 50.000.000 – 0.0066$
  • Liquidity Pool at TGE: 15.150.000 – 0.0066$
  • Team Allocation: 15.150.000
  • Community Allocation: 30.000.000
  • Foundation Reserve: 300.000.000
  • Staking/Reward Allocation: 141.850.000


The team behind the Kryptomon project consists of experts from Italy, the Netherlands, Israel, India, Thailand, Brazil and other countries.

Kryptomon Team
Kryptomon Team


Kryptomon is a blockchain-based game inspired by Pokemon and Tamagotchi games. In this game, players fight against their opponents by training their monsters. Players who play the Kryptomon game need to understand the mechanics such as Genes, Parameters, Training and Breeding well in order to be successful in the game. The token of the project is $KMON and was created by a team of experts.



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