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Crypto Farms

Crypto Farms
Crypto Farms

Crypto Farms is a P2E NFT game based on crypto mining, built on the WAX blockchain.

Crypto Farms Game Story

Crypto Farms takes place in a dystopian universe where human civilization is equipped with robotic arms, brain tools and other mechanical things. In this universe, over time, a virus forms that infects people’s brains and bodies. The only city that is not affected by this virus is Crypto Farms.

Game Content

The game is about miners and energy producers continuing their lives by mining cryptocurrency. To complete these operations, players need various equipment. The game starts in the Crypto Farms. The city is divided into two parts, the lower and the upper. On the upper side of the map, there is the CFE and CFB Building, Security, Smithy and Blend for mining and repair operations. On the lower side of the map, there is the CFP Building, Bank and Depot. The Bank and Depot are used for the control of coins and energy management in the game. The game has been developed in such a way that it can be played on both mobile and PC/MAC.

Crypto Farms Map
Crypto Farms Map


The in-game equipment is similar to the equipment needed to perform crypto mining in real life. These pieces of equipments are NFTs and you need at least 1 piece of equipment to start the game. There are 3 types of mining in the game. These are;

  • Power mining (CFP)
  • GPU mining (CFE)
  • ASIC mining (CFB)

The equipment consumes energy. Users have an energy level when they start the game. A player can equip up to 2 types of equipment for mining. Equipment cards have some characteristics and rarity levels. Since the game is about crypto mining, the features are the ones that will affect your mining rate. In addition, these equipment can be upgraded by combining 2 equipment with the same rarity. The statistics that the equipment has are as follows;

  • Reward Rate: It tells how much profit the equipment makes in the mining process
  • Durability Consumed: It shows how much endurance the use of the equipment will spend
  • Energy Consumed: It shows the amount of energy spent by the equipment per minute
  • Durability: Indicates the maximum durability of a piece of equipment
  • Charge Time: It shows how much the device needs to be charged before it can be used again

Equipment cards have the statistics mentioned above during mining operations. These statistics show how efficient mining will be. These statistics vary according to the rarity level of the equipment to be mined. The rarity level of each equipment is indicated in the upper right corner of the NFT card. There are 6 different rarity levels in total. These are;

  • Mythical (5)
  • Legendary (4)
  • Epic (3)
  • Rare (2)
  • Common (1)
  • Basic (0)
NFT Cards
NFT Cards

Reward System

Reward System is the profit obtained from the mining process that players have done with equipment NFTs. Prizes can be claimed every hour. The production of equipment varies according to the level of rarity. You can review the mining rewards from the image below.

Mining Rewards
Mining Rewards

Durability System

Equipment has a level of durability. The level of durability varies depending on the equipment and the rarity level of the equipment. When the durability level of these equipment drops to 0, it needs to be repaired.

The repair process is chargeable. The repair fees are as follows;

  • CFB Equipment = 1 CFE for each 5 points of repair of Durability
  • CFE Equipment = 1 CFB for each 5 points of repair of Durability
  • CFP Equipment = 1 CFE for each 5 points of repair of Durability

Energy System

Each player has 300 energy when starting the game. Mining operations consume energy and need to be recharged. The energy level of the players can be upgraded with membership cards. Players go to the Bank building located at the bottom of the map to replenish energy. To get energy in the bank building, users need to pay CFP token. Every 5 energy requests 1 CFP token.

Smithy System

Smithy System is the process of creating NFTs with in-game tokens without players buying NFT. Smithy is located on the top side of the map. In addition to the NFT creation process, the Smithy system can also be used to create packages and membership cards. Creating an NFT with the Smithy System is chargeable. You can see the fees from the image below.

Smityh System
Smityh System


Membership NFT cards allow users to upgrade their mining limits. The rarity level of membership cards is divided into 2, bronze and silver. There are 6 membership cards in total, each membership card being created for 3 mining types.


The Crypto Farms gaming ecosystem revolves around equipment NFTs and Crypto Farms Bitcoin(CFB), Crypto Farms Ethereum(CFE) and Crypto Farms Power(CFP). These tokens are used for the sustainability of the in-game economy. Their supply is unlimited.







Crypto Farms is a P2E NFT game based on the WAX blockchain, about crypto mining. There are 3 types of mining in the game. Users can make a profit in the game by choosing the desired type of mining. To mine, players must purchase an equipment NFT. These equipment NFTs work in ways similar to those in the real world. Each of them has different characteristics and mining efficiencies. Each NFT is subject to a rarity level of its own type. These rarity levels affect the profit that users receive from mining operations.


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