CDS Metaverse P2E Ladder Caster – a Magic Land of SpellCasters
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Ladder Caster – a Magic Land of SpellCasters

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Ladder Caster isn’t just a game. It is a magic world.Have you ever imagined a blockchain game that will take you to a magic land of spellcasters’ reign in its golden age? If so, you will probably be more than happy to have an excellent gaming experience with Ladder Caster.

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The Story

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Avaria’s casters successfully used their mastery to build up their own civilization based on ideas of peace, mercy, justice and cooperation. They created a lot of big new cities, a bunch of grand architectural structures and it seemed that the age of unlimited glory and prosperity will never come to end.

All changed once for all with the mysterious disappearance of GrandCaster Mejulah, Oracle of Space and Time. What happens next? It is up to you and your character! Ladder Caster’s game developers invite you to a totally different world where everything is possible.

Casters will have 20-minute turns and 28-day seasons to uncover the grand mystery of Mejulah’s disappearance, and the only way to achieve it is to work their way up the game board.


Ladder Caster is a mobile strategy game and NFT player-to-player market built on Solana. Players work their way up the game board through thirty levels across a dynamic boardscape with an unlimited number of SpellCasters. Ladder Caster has a player-owned economy, so users easily can buy, sell, or trade any resources or assets earned through playing.

What Makes Ladder Caster So Special?

Ladder Caster is aiming to leverage several emerging technologies to provide a unique player and community experience never seen before in the industry. Users will not only perform actions in the game, they will also be active participants in the community. The ultimate goal is to build a true top-to-bottom, player-owned ecosystem where stakeholders not only have full control over their assets, but also have a say in proposing the future developments and progression of the game’s direction.


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Ladder Caster’s gameplay combines elements of board games, market and ranking features, and, of course, blockchain and NFT technologies. As a result we have a unique blockchain game that requires skills and strategy planning.


Ladder Caster’s map consists of 3 columns wide and 30 rows high, and each row represents a different “level”. Every tile can be a resource tile, crafting tile or legendary crafting tile. New characters are always put onto a random tile on the first row, with the first three tiles of every map being used as resource tiles.

Resource Tiles

Resource tiles consist of three types – fire, earth, and water.  To Move to a resource tile player have to burn the resource associated with that tile. For example, moving to a fire tile requires the burning of fire resources. But moving to a crafting or legendary crafting tile is free. Another important thing is that each tile has a “life” amount that signifies how long that specific tile will be available before switching to the opposite type of tile (for example, when a resource tile’s life reaches 0, it will switch to a crafting tile)


Player can have unlimited number of SpellCasters and items. Resources can be shared across all SpellCasters that player owns. Players can buy resources using a traditional wallet such as Phantom, or Torus connection via Google. But don’t forget that there is only one player per wallet.


Ladder Caster’s main character is a SpellCaster. SpellCasters can be on different level between 1 and 30, and according to their experience they can move up the map’s tiles if they are getting more experienced. A SpellCaster can equip 1 hat, 1 robe, 1 staff, and 1 spellbook; all of which provide additional benefits based on the effect and strength of the equipment. Minting a new SpellCaster costs 1,000 LADA tokens until LADA reaches $1 USD, at which point subsequent minted characters will be capped at 1,000 USD equivalent of LADA.


Users can craft a new item, perform looting action to generate resources, cast spells and move up if level allows.


SpellCasters can get equipment that will help to improve their statistics when taking actions. Players can find equipment  in chests or get it through spellcasting.

ladder caster itemsladder caster itemsladder caster itemsladder caster items

SpellCasters can equip one hat, robe, staff, and spellbook. Equipment has a tier and rarity that impact their effectiveness.


The token used in the game is The Ladder Token (LADA), which is an SPL (Solana-based) utility and governance token with its maximum supply 1,000,000,000. Players can earn it by burning resources or used it to buy spellcasters. Each turn, there is a pool of LADA tokens that will be split between the users based on their actions.


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The author is 28 year old student recently graduated from Celal Bayar University, Faculty of Medicine. Currently he works as a writer and translator for different platforms.

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