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Dark Galaxies – Where Worlds Collide

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Discover Dark Galaxies – the game that will provide the best experience in the WAX blockchain space and earn cryptocurrency at the same time.

The Story

In the year 2028, after many debates and wars, humanity finally reached a consensus. After a period of the great rebellion, people finally put aside the arguments of the past and started to think about bigger issues, and as a result, in 2023, they built the first space station. Undoubtedly, this is an incredible achievement and pride for all nations. Also, it shows what is possible when people work together towards a great goal. 

Story Details

By 2036, humans had begun to aim to reach beyond our planet and reach the stars. Expedition organizers communicated with different life forms in space. The knowledge they learned and grasped allowed the human species to become even more advanced. As humans advanced into the outer reaches of space, they realized that in order to continue living beyond Earth, it was necessary to exploit other planets. But soon, they realized that they were not the only species trying to exploit other planets and found themselves at war with other species. Which one will survive? It’s an enormous question mark.


Dark Galaxies’ gameplay will more than satisfy the players with its simplicity and commodity.

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Dark Galaxies Game

Game Modes

The game has differrent game modes:

Single Player – you can test your decks and play against AI. Appart of joy this game mode is also an opportunity for testing your own skills and strength of this deck before taking it into a real match.
Play Now – The master AI will match you against an opponent of similar strength.
Create Game – In this mode you can create your own match and wait for an opponent or play against your friends.
Planet Management – Manage and defend your planets against others in the universe. Managing your mining force and maximise your rewards from a strong mining workforce.

Mining Tools

Basic mining tools in Dark Galaxies can be founded in mining packs which are available on In addition of that, users will be able to use enhanced mining tools which will produce better mining results. Each mining tool will have its own mining power and cool down time. The combination of
the tools in a mining deck along with the attributes of the planet you are mining will determine the results of the mine.


Dark Galaxies – Where Worlds CollideDark Galaxies – Where Worlds CollideDark Galaxies – Where Worlds CollideDark Galaxies – Where Worlds CollideDark Galaxies – Where Worlds CollideDark Galaxies – Where Worlds Collide

There are a lot of characters in the Dark Galaxies. At release the characters will be divided into 6 different factions and each faction has 10 characters. The fractions are: Android, Human, Alien, Luma, Dread, and Juari.


Each planet will be divided  into 25 land plots and each land plot will be a separate
NFT of land assigned to its respective planet. Each planet owner will be awarded 10 plots of
land as a bonus for owning the planet, the balance will be sold in DTX via the Dark Galaxies
web site.


Duterium (DTX), Dark Galaxies’ in-game cryptocurrency, will be used to sell various areas and planets and to acquire new equipment. With this, the goal is to generate approximately 1 billion DTX. Of the 1 billion tokens to be produced, 150 million will be shared among the project founders. The 50 million tokens will be distributed among the project advisors. The 350 million will be used for game rewards. Also, the 200 million tokens will be reserved for community development. The 100 million tokens will be allocated to the Galactic Treasury, and 150 million will be kept as a reserve for future use. In addition, 1.5 million DTX tokens will be distributed at the game release event.

DTX Distribution

Dark Galaxies – Where Worlds Collide


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