CDS Metaverse P2E Get Ready for NFT Battle Miners to Raise Your Swords!
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Get Ready for NFT Battle Miners to Raise Your Swords!

Get Ready for NFT Battle Miners to Raise Your Swords!

Known as NBM, NFT Battle Miners is a P2E card game on the WAX blockchain. Fusium, Minium, Actium & Constructium, WAX, NBM NFTs, and Partnership pool NFTs are among the NFT cards available from NBM that are used for mining tokens. Additionally, cards are necessary for PvP battles and the future NBM metaverse.

What is NFT Battle Miners?

You need NFTs to participate in NFT Battle Miners, a P2E game that runs on the WAX blockchain. Mining, staking, and PVP beta are both currently available! You can mine WAX, fusium, actium, constructium, minium, NBM NFTs, and partnership pool NFTs. To be able to take part in daily giveaways and keep up with the most recent changes, all new players should join the NBM Discord!

Crypto Resources

There are four different resources available in NBM. The resources in the universe are known as Actium, Minium, Constructium, and Fusium. Each of these resources is also a token.

Each resource has a different use and purpose. All four of these resources are on the Wax blockchain. This means you can store the tokens in your wallet. In addition, you can earn these four tokens from different missions in the universe, transfer tokens, or spend them buying things. Also, if you need more tokens, you can buy them on exchanges like Alcor.

Finally, these four resources also have different supplies. You can see the supply and function of each token in the table below:


There are three different card types available in the game. The cards and their characteristics are as follows:

  • Active Card: These will be utilized for mining and PVP combat. Active cards won’t have a Max supply but rather a limited circulation depending on a predetermined algorithm at any particular time.
  • Land Card: Primary cards that will grant access to new NFTs and minerals in the game.
  • Construction Card: To improve their statistics, these kinds of cards will be utilized in conjunction with “Land cards.”

In addition, active cards associated with mining always have six main features. We will discuss these features in the next topic.

Six Features

The six features we have just mentioned can be categorized into three categories. As you can see in the image above, red, green, and blue arrows are used. The red color represents PvP, the green color represents level and rarity, and the blue color represents mining. Now let’s find out what these features mean:

  • Power: The higher the value of your NFT, the more damage it deals in PvP.
  • Energy: Indicates the energy required to play your NFT in a PvP match. If your NFT requires low energy, you can play more effortlessly and with less energy.
  • NFT Mining Boost: Indicates how likely you are to mine NFTs during mining.
  • Resource Mining Boost: Indicates how likely you are to mine resources during mining.
  • Rarity: It indicates the rarity level of the mined NFT. The rarer your NFT is, the more valuable it is.
  • Level: In addition to the rarity level, each card also has its own level. This level value varies between 1 and 5.

All of the above features combine to create a unique NFT card.


You can check the image above to review NFT Battle Miners‘ roadmap.


A ground-breaking game based on the Wax blockchain is NFT Battle Miners. You may mine, fight, trade, own estates, and so much more in the NFT Battle Miners! Also, NFT Battle Miners is an online platform for PVP card games and 3D metaverse NFTs. In order to make it simpler to buy and sell metaverse properties aimed at NFTs, NBM provides a decentralized market.


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