A Magical Card Game: DracooMaster

In DracooMaster, a brand-new game, players can participate in missions and battles to earn DRA tokens. However, players can earn DRA tokens by collecting various Dracos from the battles they participate in.

What is Dracoo?

DracooWorld cannot exist without Dracoo. Horns, face, torso, tail, wings and back make up the six body components of each Dracoo. Each piece has a different appearance. These come together to form a charming and individual Dracoo.

There are dominant and recessive genes in each part of Dracoo. When a Dracoo mates with another Dracoo, it will transfer its own physical parts to its offspring.

Game Modes

game mode dracoo
Photo by DracooMaster

DracooMaster allows players to have different gaming experiences thanks to four fun game modes. The main modes included in the game are as follows:

  • Adventure Mode (PvE): Three Dracoo are required to play. You are expected to start your adventure at the bottom of the Sacred Peak, destroy the obstacles in your way, and then collect your rewards from the top of the Sacred Peak.
  • Arena Mode (PvP): Three Dracoo are required to participate. You can enter the Arena with your Dracoo team and fight with other players. However, to earn a place in the ranking, you need to destroy them all.
  • Guild War (GvG): Players must belong to a guild to participate in guild battles. Guilds compete for territories using Dracos and use the resources in these territories to become stronger.
  • Challenge Mode (PvP): You only need a Dracoo to take part in this mode. You can choose a special set of Dracoo abilities offered by the system, challenge other Dracoos with your Dracoo and win the grand prize.

As a result, players are required to have at least one Dracoo to participate in any game mode.

How to Play DracooMaster?

In DracooMaster, real-time card battles are combined with the deck-building system of traditional games. To win the battle and get the rewards, you must launch an attack using your card skills and eliminate enemy players on the battlefield.


The system divides the two players into an offensive player and a defensive player. Both players take turns moving, starting with the player on the attack. Each round in Arena mode is limited to 60 seconds to maintain a disciplined combat environment. In adventure mode, the turn can be taken at any time.

Card Usage

Just as different cards have different effects, the ways in which they can be used in battle will also differ. To use a card, on the other hand, you must drag it to the combat zone, select a target for it, and then release the card so that it can be used.

The number of energy points used when using a card is shown in the upper left corner of the card. In an Arena mode battle, if you are on the attack, the energy score in your first round is reduced to 3 to 2. Some artifacts in Adventure mode also change how many energy points you can use in a round.


The deck-building game DracooMaster uses blockchain technology. You can build a Dracoo team to enter the competition and win prizes in fights. However, DracooMaster‘s gameplay blends individual and group abilities. So DracooMaster offers PVE and PVP game modes so that you can test your skills.



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