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Gooeys Game
Gooeys Game

Gooeys is a P2E NFT game built on the Polygon blockchain by Dogira Studios.

Introduction to Gooeys

Gooeys is named after the Gooey NFT characters. At first glance, it can be said that the game is similar to Tamagotchi, a popular game of the 90s. Another game created with the Tamagotchi theme is Aavegotchi. 

Gooeys is a browser-based game, and players need to have a Gooey NFT to start with. Each of these Gooey NFTs has unique features and appearance. Each Gooey NFT formation is powered by the Chainlink VRF system. Gooey NFTs can be purchased on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea or minted through the in-game Tumbling system. Gooey NFTs purchased through OpenSea will display the full appearance of the Gooey NFT but will not show the Gooey NFT’s stats, such as health, attack, and generation.


Game Content

Gooeys bases on a game loop where you buy Gooey NFTs, feed them and send them on missions for $GOO tokens. First, let’s talk about Gooey NFTs, the most significant assets of the game.

Gooey NFTs

Gooey NFTs are the most basic in-game characters with a slime appearance, created by combining millions of distinct combinations using the Chainlink VRF system. Each Gooey has different looks as well as different features. When a Gooey NFT creates, it starts with the following attributes:

  • Health: It indicates Gooey’s health. Each Gooey starts between 100-600 HP.
  • Attack: The attack value starts between 100-400.
  • Defense: Defense value starts between 100-600.
  • Speed: It shows the speed value of the gooey. It starts with 100-600 SPD.
  • Background / Foreground: It is a cosmetic feature. There are 8 common and 1 Rare Background.
  • Body: It is a cosmetic feature used for Gooey’s appearance. There are 17 Common, 29 Rare, and 1 Mythical Body.
  • Ears: 22 Common, 18 Rare, 1 Mythical.
  • Mask: 21 Common, 23 Rare, 1 Mythical.
  • Eyes: 14 Common, 25 Rare, 1 Mythical.
  • Accessory: 5 Common, 5 Rare, 2 Mythical.
  • Nexus: It shows your Gooey’s happiness level and the bond it has with you. Each Gooey starts with a Nexus value of 1000 and can reach a maximum of 2500.
  • Food Store: It shows the amount of food Gooey has.
  • Tumbles / Tumbles Available: Indicates whether Gooeys can be created with the in-game Tumbling system.
  • Tumble Exhaustion: It is the cooling time required for the Gooeys to be created with the tumbling system to form again.
  • Tumble Bonus: It shows how many bonus stats are given to the NFT to be minted with Tumbling.
  • Parents: It shows the family ties of NFTs formed by tumbling.

The cosmetic features given above are currently only used for the appearance of Gooey NFTs. Rarities depend on the properties of the Gooey NFT created using tumbling. For example, if a Gooey NFT has a Rare body, the new Gooey created using tumbling is likely to have a Rare body.

Gooey NFT Stats


Fruits are in-game assets that are used to feed your Gooeys in-game and affect Gooeys’ stats, such as Food Store and Nexus. Gooey NFTs consume food from the Food Store every second. Fruits can purchase with $GOO tokens, and purchased fruits are added to the Food Store. Keeping the Food Store value high is beneficial for players and is required for in-game quests.

There are 11 different fruits in the game. Each of these fruits affects Gooey NFT’s Food Store and Nexus feature.

Gooeys Fruits


The Tumbling system is the process of creating a baby Gooey by “tumbling” 2 Gooey NFTs. Tumbling is limited for each gooey and requires a $GOO token. The Tumbling properties given above for Gooey NFTs determine how high a Gooey NFT can create a baby Gooey.


The token of the Gooeys game ecosystem created for in-game use is the $GOO token. $GOO token is used for the purchase of in-game fruits and the tumbling system. The total supply of $GOO tokens is 2,000,000,000,000, and its distribution is as follows:

  • 1,300,000,000: Allocated to GOO/MATIC Liquidity via Quickswap
  • 450,000,000: Allocated to Staking farms via Dogira Finance
  • 250,000,000: Allocated to the $GOO Treasury, held under the Dogira Team

All token activity distributed on behalf of the Dogira team can view in Dogira wallets.


Gooeys is a P2E NFT game created by Dogira Studios. The game is built on the Polygon blockchain and works similarly to Aavegotchi. Players must have at least 1 Gooey NFT to start. Each Gooey NFT has a different appearance and different properties. Fruits use to feed the Gooey NFTs. In-game fruits are in-game assets that can purchase with $GOO tokens.

Another way to get Gooey NFTs in the game is through the tumbling system. Players can tumble 2 Gooey NFTs to get a baby Gooey with a brand-new look and feature. This process requires $GOO tokens.


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