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Noa Game Review

Noa Game Review

Noa game is a Blockchain-based trading card game. The game, one of the most successful games in the category of Idle card games, basically functions as mining, but it does it with cards. In addition, the game on the Wax blockchain can only play in Browser.

How to Play?

In the game, you control the fighting strategy for your squad. Create effective decks that include an odd hero and auxiliary cards, enter the dungeon, and emerge victorious. As you advance in levels and earn more NFTs, you can enhance your deck and acquire tokens and physical prizes. Trade, construct, improve, fight, and profit!

So, how exactly does the gameplay? Firstly, you should create a deck of cards with ten support cards and 16 hero cards. Four arbitrary hero cards and two arbitrary support cards are randomly put on the playing field when the game begins. As each of your heroes loses all of their health in battle with an enemy card, a new one is drawn from the draw pile. So on until all 16 of your heroes are eliminated. The winner is the player who has at least one remaining hero card on the playing field.

As a reward, you will receive an NOA token, and if you’re lucky, you might also acquire some uncommon stuff like shards to improve your cards, in-game exclusive heroes, charms, boosters, and much more!

About Card Rarities

There are six rarities of each playable NFT card. With each rarity, the cards’ strength rises. Your capacity to complete higher-grade dungeons and earn more rewards will increase with the rarity of the cards in your deck. If you’re lucky, one of the rare pack drops might even contain a Legendary card, but Mythic rarity can only be obtained by actively playing the game.

Developers and Game Inception

The journey of Alex and Andreea, who see the game as their child and actually have a son named Noa, started when they met NFT. First, as a surprise for Andreea, Alex created a series of trading card games featuring photos of their baby boy. Then Alex learned about the existence of the Wax blockchain and took their project further. So, Alex released Noa Superhuman Series 1 on Wax. 6 months after this series, the duo almost completed most of their work for the game.


The game’s token is NOA and is traded on the Wax blockchain. The token has a maximum supply of 100,000,000, and its allocation is as shown in the table below:


You can review the game’s roadmap in the image above.


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