Weedborn County

Weedborn County is a P2E NFT game built on the WAX blockchain, where users earn in-game tokens by cultivating and growing their digital plants.

Introduction to Weedborn County

Weedborn County is different from classic farming games. Users must first link their WAX wallet before starting the game. Then players start the game with a completely inexperienced character. To level up your character, you need to participate in various in-game quests and activities. Also, improving your character in-game allows you to earn more WBC and WBX tokens.

The game is currently in Phase 1, which represents a 2D game. With the release of the 3D version in the future, players will have access to a full metaverse experience and more features.

Photo by Weedborn County

Game Content

Weedborn County’s game concept is that users earn WBC and WBX tokens by planting and growing digital crops. For this, seeds are planted in a place called Grow House. First of all, let’s talk about the seeds, which are the most important assets of this game concept.


There are currently two different farming types available in the game. These are Regular seed farming and Hero Seed farming. As the game is currently in Alpha, it is constantly evolving, and new farming methods will be added in the future.

Regular Seeds

Regular seeds are seeds divided into seven different types and levels of rarity. These seeds are as follows:

  • Bubba Island
  • Chocolope
  • Death Rockstar
  • Easy Bud
  • Girl Scout Cookies
  • NY Diesel
  • Sticky Beast

Each of the seeds mentioned above is divided into different rarity levels: Common, Rare, and Epic. Each seed has a harvest time and a gain value. Rarity levels play a very significant role in harvest time and earnings. Also, the rarity level of the seeds determines the rate at which you earn XP to level up your character.

Hero Seeds

Hero seeds are other seeds that you can use in the game. These heroes are NFTs and can be staked. There are three different hero seeds in the game. These are as follows:

  • Jambo Haze
  • Lolo pus
  • Rob Haze

Hero seeds, like regular seeds, are divided into three distinct rarity levels: Common, Rare, and Epic. The rarity level has an impact on the harvesting time and earnings of hero seeds. Some seeds can also obtain by staking these heroes.

Weedborn County Seeds

Grow House

Players can start growing plants in Grow House, initially in 3 rooms. Grow House has 25 rooms in total, and each room can unlock with WBC tokens. To grow plants in Grow House, you need to have three different tools and at least one seed. These tools are as follows;

  • Water Pump (Common, Rare, Epic)
  • Lamp (Common, Rare, Epic)
  • Pot (Common, Rare, Epic)

In-game tools have different missions. Water Pump provides players with a WBC token increase based on rarity, while Lamp shortens the harvest time of plants.

Grow House Screen


Weedborn County will have two different tokens, WBC and WBX. Both tokens will not be distributed, sold, or locked in the pre-sale. Also, team members will not be able to claim the token. Both tokens can only earn by playing the game. WBC and WBX tokens will list on Alcor Exchange upon the release of the full version of the game.

The maximum supply of WBC tokens is 100,000,000,000,000, and the maximum supply of WBX tokens is 1,000,000,000,000.




Weedborn County is a plant-growing game with P2E mechanics built on the WAX blockchain. Seeds, heroes, and other in-game tools are NFTs. Each NFT is divided into three different rarity levels. Rarity levels are very significant for players’ earnings.

Players earn rewards by growing plants in the Grow House. The game is still in alpha, and new features are being added every day. Players initially need three tools and at least one seed to plant plants.



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