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A Short Review about Gods and Legends

A Short Review about Gods and Legends

GnL is an NFT collection based on the WAX blockchain. In addition to tangible NFTs, trading cards, comics, and games, GnL is constantly evolving. NFTs in GnL are collections of cards that focus on gods and legends from many mythologies. However, NFTs will be able to use in-game and even feature in third-party NFT projects like WaxArena.

What is Gods and Legends?

Gods and Legends NFTs are created by combining your favorite figures from mythology and folklore with cryptocurrency. With an extremely wide universe, Gods and Legends feature a play-to-earn game, NFT staking, NFT trading cards, NFT comics, NFT casino, and even a fan-directed anime series. In short, all this is included in Gods and Legends, which is actually an NFT collection.

What is the GnL Token Useful For?

It is possible to do many things with the GnL token. Heroes can be revived, things can be bought for them, towers can be upgraded, more in-game gold can be purchased, energy can be purchased to play levels, your terrain can be upgraded, customized, and more. Furthermore, you can play campaign levels and PVP matches with GnL tokens.

Some Statistics About Gods and Legends

GnL is an intriguing collection of NFTs validated on various blockchains. With more than 90 thousand followers on all social media sites, Gods and Legends is one of the best multi-purpose collections on the WAX Blockchain. In just nine months, they’ve sold over 100,000 singles, packs, and fan-created comic book volumes. 

On the other hand, GnL has partnered with 22 other collections and 14 other businesses. In late 2021, an anime series created by fans was released. Besides virtual goods such as comics, clothing, and more, GnL also sells tangible goods. Finally, GnL introduced a play-to-earn game in early 2022.

The Story of the Game

The chaos of the beginning led to the creation of the Titans. Both the world and the gods were created by them. The gods defeated the titans and began their conquests. They became stronger. They thrived and began to reign. They acted as they wanted, thinking only about their own. The Titans, all this time they just observed, did not care what happened.

But in the end, the titans got tired. They were angry because they were ignored. They were ignored not only by the gods, but by almost the entire universe. Therefore, the titans gathered their last henchmen and went into the war. Their goal was to destroy everything they had done before and rebuild the world from its ashes. They were ready to destroy everything that stood in the way, of their dream. Build a world that cared about the titans


The team, which was only 3 people at the beginning, has grown its core team up to 10 people over time.

Road Map

In the roadmap image above, you can see both the short-term and long-term plans of the team.


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