Best Gameplay Tips for Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms

Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is a mobile game based on the BNB chain. Developed by NATRIS, the RPG-type game is available to play on iOS and Android devices. First launched in Korea, the game’s utility and governance token are MUDOL2. The game is now available worldwide.

What is Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms?

Hero Blaze is a mobile game with gacha RPG mechanics. Imagine a game where you can dodge left and right to protect yourself from your enemies while shooting at other enemies at the same time. Hero Blaze does this for you expertly. The game is intriguing with its combat mechanics, giving players an experience similar to that of old arcade shooters. But it doesn’t stop there Hero Blaze has elements of bullet hell games that will mesmerize people.

How to Play Hero Blaze?

Hero Blaze is quite different from many other mobile games that have been developed so far. There are, of course, many reasons for this. First of all, as mentioned above, the game has bullet hell elements. But it’s also a gacha RPG, and it’s similar to old arcade shooters. The combination of these three mechanics makes for an incredible gaming experience.

The most important rule when playing the game is to take as little damage as possible. For this, you may need to dodge your opponents a lot. However, dodging your opponents is not enough for good gameplay. Your attacks also need to be accurate. This means that you need to aim properly through the tiny phone screen.

Attack Types

Of course, dodging, aiming, and shooting the target are essential to play the game well. But also knowing about attack types can completely change your bad luck. There are three different attack types in the game. To briefly talk about these types:

  • Rapid Fire: These generals, denoted by the green sword emblem, shoot at the fastest rate, but they can only ever hit one foe at once. They’re superb at taking on bosses.
  • Penetration: Compared to the Rapid Fire, it has a somewhat slower fire rate. However, its assaults can pierce and go through the enemy, striking many enemies with each shot.
  • Explosive: Generals of the explosive type have the slowest attack rates, but their projectiles explode, damaging all troops in the area. Although a little is more challenging to use, this striking type can be quite powerful when employed against foes that proximately cluster together.

What matters in these three types of attacks is what kind of battle strategy you follow. Once you have a plan, you can choose the attack that works best for you.


The utility token and governance token for Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms is MUDOL2 Token. MUDOL Stones, which are gained by playing the game, can be used to swap with $MUDOL2. In addition, you can gain vMUDOL relevant to the governance by staking MUDOL2 Tokens.

The total supply of $MUDOL2 is 500.000.000, and the token distribution is as in the chart below:


You can review the game’s roadmap in the image above.


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