Xternity Raised $4.5M in Pre-Seed Funding

Xternity, a Web 3.0 gaming infrastructure initiative, has completed a pre-seed investment round. A total of $ 4.5 million was raised in the investment round. The investment round was led by NFX, an Israeli-based venture capital firm, while Jibe Ventures, Flori Ventures, Secret Chord Ventures and vGames were among the other names participating in the investment round. Xternity said the investment raised at the end of the round will be used for product development, game design and expanding its team. Platform wants to help Web 2.0 game makers adopt Web 3.0 games with its structure, which it calls no-code. NFX general partner Gigi Levy Weiss, who led the investment round, said:

 “Xternity’s founders are utilizing their unique perspectives of both game monetization and scalable platforms to build the ultimate web3 ecosystem for games. By understanding game developers’ need for scalable infrastructures and sustainable economic models, they were able to create a seamless solution that safely boards web2 games to web3, and the current framework is just the first milestone”


About Xternity

Xternity is a Web 3.0 gaming infrastructure project founded by Sagi Maman and Shahar Asher, who are childhood friends. It aims to facilitate the transition from Web 2.0 games to Web 3.0 games with no-code solutions, while at the same time creating a platform that provides users with features such as a Multi-Chain API, embedded and customized wallet, and NFT platform at scale, supported by many blockchains.




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