Official Partnership between Drawshop Kingdom Reverse and Swapscanner

A formal partnership agreement between Swapscanner and Drawshop Kingdom Reverse (DKR) has been signed.

About Partnership

Kingdom of Drawshop Reverse is a P2E, NFT, and DAO-based Metaverse game. In DKR World, you can build your NFT draw machines through Gacha Contract, take part in Land Festivals with other users from around the world, or engage in user competition through the tactical management of your Land. You can also design your own 2D dotted Art Galleries that you can use to adorn your Land.

The top DEX Aggregator on Klaytn is Swapscanner. With their cutting-edge Navigator engine, Swapscanner assures the best prices while integrating all DEX. On the Klaytn network, Swapscanner is used to swap assets in 40–50% of all swap volumes.

They offer expert charting services, “Pro Chart,” a tokens dashboard akin to CEX, and “Wallet” that offers the same user experience regardless of the wallet provider in an effort to create a one-stop platform in Klaytn DeFi.

On the other hand, they intend to accomplish the following objectives through our partnership and cooperation:

  • Cooperation for the development of the blockchain ecosystem
  • Collaboration for listing

By supporting a metaverse ecology, they want to work in concert to offer their consumers a variety of experiences and collaborative activities.

About Drawshop Kingdom Reverse

A P2E NFT game called the Drawshop Kingdom Reverse is based on DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). Users can only take part in the DKR World if they connect to the Klaytn blockchain. Additionally, you need at least one Avatar NFT in your Metamask, Kaikas, or Klip wallets.

About Swapscanner

Swapscanner wants to be the Klaytn ecosystem’s one-stop shop. They began as a next-generation DEX aggregator and are progressively offering features like Pro chart and Wallet.


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