CDS Startups WalletConnect Raises $12.5 Million in Ecosystem Round

WalletConnect Raises $12.5 Million in Ecosystem Round

wallet connect raises $12.5 million
wallet connect raises $12.5 million

Recently, WalletConnect organized an ecosystem tour. During this round, it was announced that $ 12.5 million was raised for the growth and development of WalletConnect. Participants in the round included investors from Shopify, Coinbase Ventures, ConsenSys, Circle Ventures, Polygon, Uniswap Labs Ventures, Union Square Ventures, 1kx, Gnosis Chain, Dapper Labs, HashKey, Foresight Ventures, Smart Token Labs, Snapshot, Dialectic. In addition, there were names such as Hayden Adams, the inventor of the Uniswap protocol and CEO of Uniswap Labs, Makoto Inoue, the developer of ENS Labs, Ryan Selkis, the founder and CEO of Messari, Lefteris Karapetsas, the founder of rotki, and Rahul Sethuram, the co-founder of Connext.

The tour brought together web2 and web3, various aspects of blockchain technology, and various strategic partners from around the world. 

About WalletConnect

Decentralization, which is one of the basic building blocks of Web3, is always among the focal points of WalletConnect. With the rapid adoption of WalletConnect’s remote signer API, they launched WalletConnect Cloud last year, serving developers and projects to use their infrastructure. Since then, the WalletConnect team has been regularly simplifying its architecture to provide a faster experience for users around the world and working to expand the data centre’s scope.

Having made it its mission to continuously improve the customer experience, WalletConnect focused on expanding the A-Series product line and scaling them up among chains at the beginning of 2022. The funds raised in this ecosystem round will be the fuel for WalletConnect to achieve its next goal which is the creation of a fully centralized WalletConnect Network with the WalletConnect Cloud. 

About Investment Round 

Shopify Corporate Development Lead Hooman Mehranvar, who was among those participating in the investment round, said: “Web3 has unleashed a new age of internet-driven innovation. WalletConnect is a building block in this growing ecosystem, and we look forward to collaborating with the team to help push commerce into the Web3 era.”

David Merin, Head of Corporate Development at ConsenSys: “Decentralization is a core value of ConsenSys. Over the last few years, WalletConnect has broken down barriers to interoperability and helped fuel the web3 flywheel. We look forward to empowering them on their path to decentralization.”

Jeremy Fox-Geen, Chief Financial Officer at Circle: “WalletConnect is enabling hundreds of wallets and apps in the web3 community to interact and connect. We are excited to invest in WalletConnect as their team sets its sights on expanding access to digital assets like USDC and EUROC, as well as web3 applications.”

Shreyansh Singh, Head of Investments at Polygon Technology: “WalletConnect’s growing suite of multi-chain communications APIs are unlocking a new era of innovation in web3. We share the vision to empower wallets, apps, and their users by giving developers the tools they need to create and scale extraordinary experiences. The WalletConnect Network represents a major step forward, not just for WalletConnect but web3 as a whole, and we’re thrilled to be a part of this endeavor.”



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