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metarun game
metarun game

MetaRun is a project that aims to ensure that players not only earn money, but also get a first-class gaming experience. This project, in which the user experience is tried to be kept ahead of everything else, has been produced using Unreal Engine.

Metarun is the world’s first p2e mobile runner game consisting of single and multiplayer game modes, including NFT assets. The aim of the players in the game, as in other traditional runner games; race to the finish line on obstacle courses full of monsters, traps and treasures. What distinguishes Metarun from other traditional runner games is that this universe offers players many ways and freedoms to use their accumulated in-game tokens and skills to upgrade characters’ NFT assets such as weapons, skins, and even pets. 

The assets contained in the game can be traded, sold or bought on Metarun’s NFT Marketplace.  


Metarun is a blockchain-based game with PVE and PVP modes. The player can buy characters from different classes, whether for free or to earn in-game currency. The main objectives of the player with this character are: 

  • Improving existing game assets
  • New game assets 
  • To obtain $MRUN token

All assets in the game can be sold as NFT to other players in the foreign market. Also, the economy of the game is based on OPAL, where you earn various rewards by participating in matches and tournaments. Players can trade their earned OPALs or use them to purchase the Epic Metarun Chest. Additionally, $MRUN can be used to upgrade and stake heroes. 

Game Modes

The Metarun game has 2 game modes. These are: 

Endless-Run (PvE)

In this game mode, players are in an endless race in which they try to get as far as possible by passing obstacles and enemies. Players can collect gold coins that fall to the ground by completing tasks, killing monsters, and getting soft currency, which is for the PvE game mode. Also, players can obtain OPAL by completing daily tasks. 

Battle Run (PvP)

It is the multiplayer mode in which multiple players are constantly advancing by trying to outrun their opponents. Players fight with their opponent here to earn OPALs and raise the character rank and glory points. 


Metarun has characters who have unique active and passive abilities and differ in their skills. These characters will initially have three classes. The hero of each class has unique skills and statistics that help players win in battle mode. Each character can be identified using the following game assets:

  • Class
  • Characteristics
  • Abilities 
  • Rarity
  • Skin Rarity
Metarun Character Classify
Metarun Character Classify

Character Traits

In Metarun, while characters can have different abilities, all characters have the same characteristics. So

  • Health
  • Mana
  • Collision damage
  • Maximal speed (Starting speed for every character will be the same)

Game Mechanics

Mastery System

When a player successfully completed a race, the system rewards that player with mastery points. The skill level can be displayed directly on the player’s character within the game. 

Mastery points can be won or lost by players during the race. 

Punishment system (PvP)

If the player’s health level drops to zero, it causes them to lose all accumulated mastery points. 

Hero League

Metarun ranking system for characters. Each character has its own league ranking. If the character is sold or bought on the secondary markets, the league ranking is reset. 

Trophy Road

The Trophy Road is a line system in which there are prizes available to all players. This Trophy Road is linked to the user’s profile and cannot be lost. To progress along this path, players must participate in various activities, such as PvE Modes, PvP Modes, and Daily Quests. 

Battle Pass

It consists of seasonal tasks. Players can get in-game rewards by getting a higher rank in seasons. The awards of each season will vary according to the theme and characteristics of the season.


The Metarun ecosystem has two currencies, OPAL and $MRUN. OPAL is used as the in-game currency, while the $MRUN token is based on the Binance Smart Chain BEP-20 standards. 


The $MRUN is a token with different use cases within the Metarun ecosystem. Some of them are: 

  1. $MRUN is the native token of Metarun and can be converted to OPAL.
  2. $MRUN is used to upgrade in-game characters, upgrade abilities, and visually enhance skins.
  3. NFTs and other in-game items can be purchased at a discounted price if purchased through $MRUN. 
  4. The Metarun super NFT chest can be purchased with only $MRUN.
  5. Metarun users can participate in staking and farming pools using $MRUN tokens. 

The distribution of the $MRUN token is indicated in the table below.

Metarun Token Disrubution
Metarun Token Disrubution

Road Map

The road map of Metarun is as indicated in the table below. As of the date of writing, we are in the last quarter of 2022. We observe that the promised developments have been made so far and that the development is still ongoing.

Metarun Roadmap
Metarun Roadmap


Metarun Partners
Metarun Partners


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