T3rn: Multichain Smart Contracts

T3rn is a protocol where you can write a smart contract that will work on more than one blockchain.

I am talking about a library where you can write a DeFi as a multichain. Under normal circumstances, if you are writing a smart contract, you should make transactions on the same blockchain. T3rn solves this problem and allows you to set up all the events in a smart contract in a way that can be performed across blockchains. By setting cross-chain standards, you can elaborate and automate a dApp in a multichain way.

In their White Papers, they describe the problem they have solved as follows: 

“To solve this issue we propose t3rn (pron. [tern]), a protocol that solves the aforementioned issues by introducing a unique decentralized Circuit over the interoperable smart contracts, where execution over multiple blockchains is bound by a single transaction. The transactions executed by Circuit can compose execution on multiple chains and orchestrate results within the interoperable context.”

Although the multichain feature is a feature that can be added to exchanges or dApps in a later way, assuming that a DeFi protocol is developed with T3rn from scratch and uses the T3rn Circuit, we see that the problem is solved from the beginning much more effectively than the solutions introduced later. You can apply on their website to develop with T3rn. At the same time, those who are interested in the technical side of the subject, may not have seen such a technical and White Paper-like Whitepaper in a long time. You can review it by clicking here.

T3rn recently raised $6.5 million in a private investment phase led by Polychain Capital. The Polkadot-based protocol seems determined to take any steps to further facilitate cross-chain transfer. Companies such as Huobi Ventures, Figment Capital, Blockchange Ventures, Lemniscap have been involved in the investment together with Polychain.

“We’re targeting going live as a Polkadot parachain in Q1 next year,” Kowalewski said. Currently, 18 people work at T3rn. In order to realize their claims, they also need to include a large number of experts in their teams. This round of investment will support them to go further in this regard. 




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