CoinMetro: Exchange Platform

CoinMetro is a brand that tries to ensure that people have access to the same opportunities. In fact, it is literally an exchange platform.

They are trying to stand out with elements such as much more affordable prices, and user experience. They have recently reached a valuation of $180 million and are expanding their area of operation. Being a firm established in Estonia in 2018, they are certified by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network in the USA and the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Center in Canada. It started with an audit by the Financial Intelligence Unit in Estonia, but it is inevitable that they will soon receive approval from financial institutions of other countries in the world.

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An Exchange Platform with Benefits

It is an exchange where you can make instant fiat & crypto conversions, withdraw and deposit your money quickly, open margin transactions and perform transactions such as copy trading. It is always beneficial to take advantage of such useful projects instead of just using very large platforms such as Binance. They also allow you to stake many different coins. They have a native token called XCM. Currently, they have a campaign on their site where they give double rewards for those who stake XCM. 

In general, it is a stable crypto exchange platform that has an app. Although it is a good experience for investors who buy and sell a lot, you can also take advantage of the opportunities it will offer.


The platform, which supports crypto regulation, attaches importance to user experience and stands out with its low commission rates, may soon be in sight with better news. Since it is a company supported by many government agencies, they can stand out among other platforms. Looking at their vision, I think the future innovations will be satisfactory.


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