CDS Startups Nexo Announces the Nexo Wallet

Nexo Announces the Nexo Wallet

nexo announces nexo wallet
nexo announces nexo wallet

Nexo, a crypto lender, has announced the Nexo Wallet, its multifunctional unattended smart wallet! Designed to allow users to maintain identity profile ownership, this wallet will be user-friendly and EVM compatible. 

Features of Nexo Wallet

According to the statements made by Nexo, users will also be able to use it as a self-managed wallet. This means that users can use the Ethereum Name Service and NFTs to develop and take advantage of their self-managed Web3 profiles. 

Nexo has used this product in on-chain services to provide functional features such as low gas fees, which is one of the leading concerns in the crypto industry. In addition, Nexo Wallet will also provide its users with access to the best prices for in-wallet swaps. Additionally, users will be able to consolidate their external wallet balance in a seamless interface. 

Nexo Wallet, which is user-friendly, offers services for sending, swapping, receiving and storing digital assets. These services are currently available on five blockchains, including Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Phantom, Polygon and Avalanche-C. 

In addition, Nexo invites users interested in this product to register for early access and offers them to create their decentralized identity for the ever-growing and evolving Web3 ecosystem. The company underlined that six different keywords related to Nexo Wallet are important. These are; social, decentralized, smart, compatible, unattended and multi-chain. 

About Nexo

Nexo is a company that has been striving to bring professional financial services to the world of digital assets since 2018. Taking advantage of the years of experience of its team in the field of Financial Technology and the power of blockchain technology, Nexo offers millions of people the opportunity to benefit from the value behind crypto assets, shaping a new and better financial system. Nexo currently manages the assets of 5M+ users in 200 jurisdictions. 



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