Find Satoshi Lab Launches MOOAR

Find Satoshi Lab launches a multi-chain NFT marketplace and launchpad MOOAR with the world’s first membership model in Solana and Ethereum. Find Satoshi Lab has stated that its goal is to recruit and train the next generation of users in Web3.

Web3 Adoption

The adoption and use of Global Web3 is seen as one of the biggest challenges of the industry. Find Satoshi Lab continues to build front-end and back-end products to overcome this challenge. By combining the tried and tested Web2 business models with the power of blockchain technology, they create products that are fun to use and make life easier while staying true to the ‘community-first‘ philosophy adopted by Web3.

MOOAR ranks alongside STEPN and DOOAR and adds more functionality and value to the native $GMT token.

The MOOAR launchpad and voting mechanics use the ecosystem’s native token, $GMT, and act as a community-focused hackathon. Through a unique business model with no on-demand royalties, 0% service fees and a membership system, it empowers creators and merchants who are the heart and soul of the NFT space. The company said that MOOAR is just the beginning of unlocking the full potential of the Web3 social identity, and they can’t wait to reveal more in the coming months.

Introducing MOONAR


MOONAR is a creator-centric NFT marketplace created to benefit content creators. It provides functionality not only in project launches but also in the distribution of copyrights. The marketplace has a copyright policy of 2% when you print a new collection, 0.5% to 10% by default. MOOAR has an NFT Marketplace and an NFT Launchpad. With these, the company can combine two core services necessary for NFT domains into a single platform.

Users will be able to buy and sell NFTs and vote for the projects they like on the launchpad. You will even be able to increase the levels of your accounts to gain more advantages. Best of all, there isn’t a service fee! Simply connect your crypto wallet and start using it. J

STEPN, DOOAR and now MOOAR are working together to strengthen a self-sustaining model that will provide a unique experience for the community.



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