MSafe Raises $5 Million Seed Fund

MSafe, the pioneer in creating the first multi-signature wallet solution in the Aptos/Move ecosystem, recently announced that it has completed a $5 million seed round. Jump Crypto, on the other hand, served as the lead investor in this investment round, which included Circle Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Superscrypt, Redpoint Ventures, SV Angel, Shima Capital, Spartan Group and others.

The Development of MSafe

Since the launch of the first multi-signature wallet on the Aptos mainnet in October 2022, developers of DEX, DeFi, NFT, and others have quickly started using MSafe. Key issues hindering the widespread adoption of digital assets are addressed by MSafe’s wallet solution, built to provide exceptional security, interoperability, and true decentralization.

Built on Move, a safe and secure Web3 programming language, it adds a layer of security on top of Move by protecting user wallets, assets, codes, and accounts while providing a secure foundation for the Move-based ecosystem. MSafe connects businesses to the Move-based ecosystem, helps protect assets, and enables teams to jointly manage assets on-chain while scalable for businesses, organizations, and individual users.

About MSafe

It, also known as Momentum Safe, was founded in Silicon Valley in August 2022 by experienced blockchain and digital asset wallet engineers. As a wallet provider, the company’s mission focuses on providing multi-signature wallet solutions focused on security, interoperability, and decentralization. 

In addition, it has introduced the first multi-signature wallet solution of the Aptos/Move-based ecosystem. Finally, SV Angel, Shima Capital, Spartan Group, Jump Crypto, Circle Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Superscrypt, Redpoint Ventures, and other well-known Web3 and Web2 investors are supporting it.


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