CDS Startups JUMBO, a Decentralized Exchange, Has Raised $3.5M in Funding!

JUMBO, a Decentralized Exchange, Has Raised $3.5M in Funding!

JUMBO, a Decentralized Exchange, Has Raised $3.5M in Funding!
JUMBO, a Decentralized Exchange, Has Raised $3.5M in Funding!

JUMBO Exchange, a user-friendly exchange designed to minimize the problems users experience when trading on decentralized exchanges, announced that they have raised $3.5M in funding in an investment round.


JUMBO began development in late 2021 and has become one of NEAR’s leading DEX’s in less than a year.

Aiming to provide an intuitive DeFi experience to its users, JUMBO continues to attract the attention of new investors with the improvements they have made.

JUMBO team expressed its gratitude to the leading investors Pantera Capital, Huobi Ventures, D21 Ventures, Big Brain Holdings, Dweb3 Capital, Fundamental Labs, MetaWeb companies. Thanks to the trust of its investors, with whom they share a common vision, it can continue developing a user-friendly DEX that meets the demands of the market and continues to develop rapidly, which will keep up with the NEAR ecosystem.

The NEAR ecosystem is still in its infancy, but JUMBO has an important task in bringing NEAR to the masses by providing people with an easy gateway to the NEAR space.

About Jumbo Exchange

Jumbo Exchange is a decentralized exchange based on the NEAR Protocol. It offers the most intuitive DeFi experience you can have, including instant swaps, the highest returns with seamless pool switching, and unauthorized liquidity Pooling. Jumbo is backed by major VC companies such as Alameda Research and Big Brain Holdings.



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