CDS Collaboration Killer Karen x Elixir Collaboration

Killer Karen x Elixir Collaboration

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Elixir announced that they will collaborate with Killer Karen to join forces as both projects continue to develop and gain momentum.

Killer Karen’s Distribution

As per the agreement, all future updates and related developments of the Killer Karen game will be announced on the Elixir Platform. In addition, Elixir will also take on the task of maximizing the visibility of the project by undertaking the marketing of all NFTs and assets contained in the game Karen.

Killer Karen will be joining Elixir as a game partner and the launch of the game will be supported by Elixir. The beta version of Killer Karen will be available on the Elixir.App platform on Black Friday.

With this cooperation, the two projects, which share a common vision of providing entertainment and competitive quality games to the public, have taken an important step in ensuring that their users have a unique experience while playing their games.


This partnership aims to accelerate community growth through both game distribution and collaborations. The teams will work together to develop new initiatives that benefit from aligned marketing synergies.

About Killer Karen

Killer Karen and The Black Friday Massacre are a single-player, arcade-style sandbox slasher games. This is exactly what you will get if Tony Hawk and Bully and Goat Simulator have a baby and then neglect him and the baby grows up and goes on a killing spree. J

The Killer Karen: Mom Jeans NFT is an entrance ticket to the closed alpha/beta period. You will also be able to use your Ethereum wallets and activate special modes for your Mom Jeans.(Or you can add your Mom Jeans to your character)

About Elixir

Elixir Games is the owner of a leading web3 game distribution infrastructure and multiple quality IP titles. It was established in 2018. The company’s main area of activity is operating through the Elixir Gaming Platform. It provides a full range of services to the next-generation-Web3 game studios. It assumes responsibility for the secure and flexible distribution of games during the private and public distribution phases. To increase the visibility of content creators, it uses a cross-marketing technique and accelerates the time-to-market phase. Elixir has integrated more than 60 major Web3 games and is also positioned as a leading, multi-chain web3 game launcher on the global stage.


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