Burn Ghost Raises $3.1M for Gaming Platform

Burn Ghost has announced that it has raised $3.1 million in a seed round led by DraftKings and Bitkraft Ventures to create its gaming platform.

Burn Ghost Gaming Platform

Burn Ghost is aware of the prevalence of NFTs and the interest in NFTs. In this direction, we can say that the gaming platform they will create contains a mixture of casual games and NFTs. Burn Ghost aims to create a gaming platform that allows users to earn NFTs by playing simple casual games.

Burn Ghost

The games on the platform will be easy to understand, based on simple skill elements and accessible to everyone. The players who perform the best in each game will be rewarded with NFTs. Certain fees will be charged to access these NFT-award-winning games. CEO and co-founder Steve Curran said:

“It’s always a surprise to a lot of people that a majority of gamers in the world are female, and casual games are more of the type of games that they play. Our goal is to be an on-ramp for a wide variety of non-crypto players.”

However, there will also be free-to-play games on the website. The NFTs that will be awarded to the best performers at the end of the games will be NFTs purchased by the platform itself or contracted NFTs from NFT manufacturers. Burn Ghost plans to launch its platform in the first quarter of 2023. By this time, the waiting list will be open, and players will be gradually added to the waiting list. Burn Ghost currently has a teaser of a game called FTX Game, inspired by the FTX debacle.



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