CDS Startups Binance Labs Leads Funding in GoPlus Security

Binance Labs Leads Funding in GoPlus Security

Binance Labs Leads Funding in Web3 Security Firm GoPlus Security
Binance Labs Leads Funding in Web3 Security Firm GoPlus Security

Binance Labs, the VC side of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance, will lead the second private round for GoPlus Security.

About GoPlus Security

For many people and businesses, the issue of security is the most important issue. Especially in the crypto world and Web3, this is much more important. Many companies and projects can suffer very big collapses due to security problems.

GoPlus Security is a Web3 security infrastructure provider covering many blockchain networks with multidimensional risk detection developed to create a more secure Web3 environment. GoPlus Security services include the token, NFT, malicious address, approval security, contract security, and dApp security. GoPlus Security is currently the most important provider of security data on 13 blockchains. GoPlus Security is preparing to create a security service market in the near future. Yi He, Co-Founder of Binance and Head of Binance Labs, said:

 “Security is fundamental to the ever-growing Web3 ecosystem and community. By supporting consumer-facing solutions like Goplus Security, we hope to see how security services to end users can evolve and prosper.”

Binance Labs&GoPlus
Binance Labs&GoPlus

The Purpose of the Private Tour

GoPlus Security will increase its security services for Web3 with this funding. With this funding, GoPlus Security will be able to expand its security data, create the security services marketplace they are preparing to launch later this year and recruit new developers to its team. Eskil, Co-Founder of GoPlus Security said:

“Security team to proceed with the next stage of development has three main objectives GoPlus, GoPlus further expansion of the coverage of API Security, building security service the security service platform and marketplace, security and building a decentralized infrastructure. The team is at the stage to onboard 20 different types of security services and solutions, and to decentralize the security service even more by using the modular blockchain or ZKP technology. We are happy to be with Binance Labs in this journey.”

About Binance Labs

Binance Labs is the VC side of Binance, the world’s largest centralized cryptocurrency exchange focused on supporting teams that have a positive impact on the crypto world and are dedicated to Web3 development. Binance Labs has invested in more than 200 projects in 25 countries since 2018. In addition, they supported more than 50 projects in the Binance Labs Incubation Program. Binance Labs is one of the largest VCS driving the future of blockchain technology and Web3.


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