CDS Metaverse P2E Understanding Crypto Dynasty: Everything You Need to Know
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Understanding Crypto Dynasty: Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Crypto Dynasty

Crypto Dynasty, an RPG and PvP dApp game, was initially launched on the EOS blockchain. However, it now supports both EOS and ETH blockchain networks. In addition, the game is basically an idle trading game. Materials, equipment, skills, and NFT, among other assets, can all be traded in the marketplace via smart contracts, creating a free economy in the virtual world.

What is Crypto Dynasty?

The popular RPG and PvP EOS dApp game based on the Three Kingdoms story is called Crypto Dynasty. Together, all players battle the World Boss, earning enormous quantities of special rewards. Players can select different heroes and skill lineups in the Crypto Dynasty On-chain PvP System. They eventually go up the arena ladder list.

How to Play?

In the game, you advance your character while attacking castles. By leveling up, riding mounts, and creating weapons and armor that let you attack more and more castles, you can advance in the game. Your ability to play the game and earn additional assets (ETH/EOS) increases as you gain more castles and ranks.


Three Kingdoms has a very rich period in terms of heroes. More heroes will be added to the game over time. However, only the heroes in the image above are currently available in the game.

Each hero will have access to a powerful custom set that is among the best in the game and has special enhancement effects. To enhance their capabilities on the battlefield, heroes can study their unique skills.

NFT Mounts

When you equip a mount to one of your characters, it significantly increases the castle’s strength. Each mount has its own set of stats. A significant difference can be made by investing in high-quality mounts and equipping them or by leveling up inferior mounts.

The NFT mounts are non-fungible assets that the game has released based on various blockchains. They are the best and strongest mounts the game has to offer. The only tradable and cross-chain transferrable mounts in the Three Kingdoms are NFT mounts.


You should use the “March” or collecting mechanic to acquire materials in order to create equipment. You get random supplies for each march. You will get better resources from marching as your castle number increases. Thus, you have to make more complicated equipment to rank up.


The EOS blockchain is producing Three Kingdoms Token (TKT), a new native cryptocurrency token for the Crypto Dynasty game. TKT cryptocurrency tokens will be available to players as rewards. The total supply of TKT is 1 billion, and the token distribution is as shown in the image below:


You can see the game’s roadmap in the image above.


Crypto Dynasty is an idle trading game on the Eos and Ethereum blockchains. You can earn money through trading in the game. In this game, everything you have is NFT. The game is also an RPG and PvP dApp game.



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