Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns is a P2E NFT game created by Laguna games on the Polygon blockchain.

Introduction to Crypto Unicorns

Crypto Unicorns is centered around Unicorn NFTs used for various in-game activities in a farm simulation. The game can play through the browser, and you need a land and a Unicorn NFT to start the game. The main starting point for players is the farming simulation. The game works similarly to the blockchain-based farming games we have already reviewed.

The game starts on Land NFTs, which are its ecosystem. These lands are very significant for the game ecosystem and Unicorn NFTs. Players try to upgrade their land and grow Unicorn NFTs.

Crypto Unicorns Game

Land NFTs

Players start the game by first purchasing a land and a Unicorn NFT. All game cycles of the players revolve around the land NFTs they have purchased. The lands that players can buy are divided into three distinct rarities and nine different classes. Land NFT’s rarity levels are as follows:

  • Common Land
  • Rare Land
  • Mythic Land

Land classes are associated with Unicorn NFTs. Unicorn NFTs are divided into classes and receive additional bonuses if they match the land class they are placed on. Mythic Land is the rarest land and covers all classes.

Crypto Unicorns Land NFTs

Land Farming

Lands are in-game assets with various buildings that the player can customize to their liking. Players start the game by planting farmland on their land. Seeds are planted in the farmland. After a certain period of time, the fruits are harvested. Players use the harvested fruits to feed the unicorns.

The seed growing time varies depending on the type of seed. Players can also get free seeds by cleaning the Unicorns’ poop.


The Nursery is the building on the players’ land that is used to produce baby unicorns. To raise a baby unicorn, two adult unicorns must first be mated. The mating process requires normal fruit, UNIM, and RBM tokens. This process results in a unicorn egg.  

The unicorn egg is laid in an incubation process and requires a certain fee. The baby unicorn that results from this process inherits the genes of its parent unicorns. After the baby unicorn is born, it can transform into an adult unicorn. In-game power-ups are used for this.

Unicorn NFTs

Unicorn NFTs are in-game assets with specific statistical characteristics and classes that you can use in the game’s terrain. The main goal of players in the game is to grow and develop Unicorn NFTs. There are 9 Unicorn Classes in total. These are as follows:

  • Heart
  • Cloud
  • Flower
  • Candy
  • Crystal
  • Moon
  • Rainbow
  • OmNom
  • Star

Unicorn classes have an impact on Land NFTs. Each Unicorn NFT has specific statistics.


Genes are the genetic identities that make Unicorn NFTs unique. Genes determine the statistics of unicorns. There are 18 genes in total, with three different gene slots and six body parts to determine unicorn stats. The gene slots are:

  • Major Gene Slot: Genes in this slot have the highest chance of being upgraded through evolution.
  • Normal Gene Slot: Genes in this slot have a lower chance of being upgraded through volution than Major Genes Slot but have a higher chance than genes in the Minor Gene Slot
  • Minor Gene Slot: Genes in this slot have the lowest chance of being upgraded through evolution.

The genes added to the gene slots above determine the stats of Unicorn NFTs. Each unicorn has four different stat points, Power, Speed, Endurance, and Intelligence.

Unicorn NFTs Genes


Unicorn NFT breeding takes place in the Nursery building mentioned above. From the mating process, the baby Unicorn will inherit the genes and class of its parents. If two adult Unicorns belonging to different classes mate, the class of the newborn baby Unicorn has a 50% chance of 50%. However, players can increase the baby unicorn’s class chance by adding the fruit of the desired class.

This process takes about 24 hours after the breeding process is started. Players can add extra boosting fruits for the baby unicorn before the unicorn egg hatches. In addition, the newborn can be evolved into an adult Unicorn. This requires a class fruit, UNIM, and RBW token.

Crypto Unicorns Breeding System


The Crypto Unicorns game has two different tokens, $RBW and $UNIM. The $UNIM token is the in-game currency of Crypto Unicorns. The $RBW token is the governance token of Crypto Unicorns. The total supply of $RBW tokens is, and its distribution is as follows.



When we look at the roadmap of the Crypto Unicorns team, we see that it plans to bring various innovations and features to the game. Among the innovations and features the team has planned for the game are the following:

  • Loot Boxes
  • Land Vending Machine & Keystone Crafting
  • Quests
  • Shadowcorns Staking Mini Game
  • Jousting
  • Shadowcorn Act II
  • Golden Ticket Marketplace
  • Neighborhoods
  • Racing
  • Shadowcorn Raids (Dark Forest Act III)
  • Team RPG

Future features for Crypto Unicorns are planned to add RPG features to the game.


Laguna Games is the creative team behind Crypto Unicorns. Founded by Aron Beierschmitt and Steven Garcia, the Laguna Games team consists of 57 employees. The founding team has over ten years of gaming experience, having worked at successful game studios such as Foundation Games and Beyond Games.


Crypto Unicorns starts as a farming game built on the Polygon blockchain. Players first need to purchase land and unicorn NFTs. The goal of the players is to upgrade their land and breed new unicorns. Each land has a class and rarity. Land classes match with Unicorn classes, giving players various bonuses.

Raising unicorns is the second most basic function of the game. Players can breed new unicorns with some fruit, $UNIM, and $RBW tokens. Each Unicorn has 18 different genes, and unicorn genes affect the newborn. Baby unicorns can also evolve into adult unicorns.


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