CDS Metaverse P2E Introduction to The Adventurer’s Guild
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Introduction to The Adventurer’s Guild

Introduction to The Adventurer's Guild

NFT-based role-playing game The Adventurer’s Guild is currently under development. From Discord, you can create a character, outfit them with gear, and start tasks that range from dungeon crawls to battles with formidable bosses!

What is The Adventurer’s Guild?

The Adventurer’s Guild is a play-to-earn game on the Wax blockchain. Every piece of equipment, crafting material, and even every skill in the game is actually an NFT. However, the game is currently in closed beta testing.

About Honeycomb

TAG is actually a Discord-based game. Therefore, to play the game, you first need to join TAG‘s Discord server. Then you can connect your WAX account and Discord account using the Honeycomb NFT. Honeycomb is a widely used Discord bot. With this bot, you can create your character and start the game.

How to Create a Character?

After connecting your WAX wallet and Honeycomb to your Discord account, you can start the game using the /game command in the #game-command channel. This command will take you to the TAG game interface. After entering the command, you will be presented with five options: Profile, Inventory, Random Encounter, Quest, and Help. You can see this menu in the image above.


You can modify your occupation and allocate stat points in your profile. You gain five stat points for Vitality, Luck, Power, Intelligence, Constitution, Charisma, Speed, and Skill each time you level up your character.


Similar to “classes” in traditional role-playing games, professions are specialties that characters can have. Your occupation has an impact on your character’s passive fighting abilities and may also change the talents that are available to them. There are presently five professions available in the Adventurer’s Guild:

  • Adventurer
  • Fighter
  • Caster
  • Rogue
  • Defender

Profession XP (PXP), which is obtained by finishing tasks, is used to level up the professions.

What Does Candlelight Do?

The Adventurer’s Guild uses the non-custodial staking method called Candlelight. You can further improve your character’s equipable by tying NFTs from outside the TAG collection to various equipment and skill slots in addition to the standard skills, equipment, and augments.

Consumables in Game

The consumable NFTs in the game are divided into three types:

  • Potions: It can use to replenish HP or increase energy during battle.
  • Food: It can be used immediately before missions to get a passive boost during the next mission. Food’s function is to reduce or increase damage.
  • Scrolls: Depending on the scroll, many things can happen, such as allowing an item to be reappraised or regaining stat points.

With the three consumables listed above, your gaming experience can improve.

Where is Eaglesreach?

The area where the Adventurer’s Guild is located is called Eaglesreach. You can see a map of Eaglesreach in the image above.


The currency of the country of Eaglesreach is Guilders and is represented by the $GUILD token. GUILD tokens can be earned in random encounter mode and by completing various quests. In TAG, $GUILD can be utilized for a broad range of tasks, such as crafting, upgrading, valuing, and purchasing particular items. In addition, the maximum supply of $GUILD is 10,000,000,000,000, and the token’s allocation table is as follows:


The Adventurer’s Guild universe was created through the meticulous work of the team members.


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