CDS Startups Web3 Messenger Tribes Raises $3.3 Million

Web3 Messenger Tribes Raises $3.3 Million

Web3 Messenger Tribes Raises $3.3 Million and Launches Social Wallets
Web3 Messenger Tribes Raises $3.3 Million and Launches Social Wallets

Web3-native messaging app Tribes has raised $3.3 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Kindred Ventures, South Park Commons, and Script Capital.


The communication tools that exist today, such as Discord and Telegram, are quite inadequate in terms of actions related to digital assets. Although these communication applications are sufficient for communication, users are unable to access any digital asset through these platforms.

Tribes provides its users with a Web3 application that allows them to communicate with each other and monitor and control digital assets together. Platform believes that a Web3 identity, effective communication, and a community united by a common wallet will change the economy and the world for the better. In line with this vision, the platform has launched a social wallet where users are united in a common wallet and can communicate with each other.

Tribes Web3 App

Tribes Web3 Messenger App

The Web3 app from Tribes offers users a shared wallet that can be shared in a group chat. Digital assets such as cryptocurrencies and NFTs can send through the shared wallet. Wallet assets held within the group cannot be sent or spent without group approval. The number of users required for group approval is determined by the group members.

With Tribes’ social wallet, you can basically do the following:

  • Buy things you like together (i.e., buy an NFT as a group chat)
  • Save money as a group (casual investment club)
  • Manage a small organization (i.e., a soccer team or interest group) with collective decision-making and transparent treasury

Hish Bouabdallah, founder and CEO of Tribes, said:

“Web3 primitives for co-ownership and collective action are transformative but few people can make sense of the existing products and processes required. In order to realize the full promise of Web3, nailing collective action is absolutely essential. Our approach to embed it directly into group chat makes these powerful and newly-possible Web3 actions understandable and accessible to the masses.”

About Tribes

Tribes is a Web3 messaging and social wallet application that allows crypto users, NFT artists, communities, and DAOs to collaborate and communicate with each other. The platform’s social wallet allows users to manage, interpret and share various digital assets on a social platform with a Web3 identity. The team has many years of experience building social platforms and blockchain-based products.



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